Friday Sandwich Thread

It’s Friday so we should have a nice chat about sandwiches

What do you call two slices of bread with jam in the middle?

  • Jam Sandwich
  • Jam Sarnie
  • Jelly Sandwich
  • Jeely Piece
  • Jam Piece
  • Jam Buttie
  • Joe Lean and the Jing Jam Jong
  • Other (please specify)

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I’m going to get a Subway sandwich for lunch

What bread do you get?

  • Cheese & Oregano
  • Hearty Italian
  • Tory Option

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We’ve run out of sliced bread and we’re away this weekend so isn’t worth buying more.

I’ll be using pitta bread for my lunchtime sandwich.

What’s inside the pitta, Keith?

We’ve got some chicken bits in the fridge, so them with spinach and mayo.

Butter in a jam sandwich?

  • Obviously
  • No thanks

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Rate @keith’s lunchtime sandwich

  • I’d eat that
  • I’d eat it if nothing else was available
  • Sounds shite

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I’m not sure I appreciate this level of scrutiny…


I won’t do my “Rate @keith” reply then

I’d eat that