Friday selfie/outfit thread


Can you spot the very subtle “sorry I’m late, boss, but I’ve got an airtight excuse” part of my outfit?

Might take it off now.


Has yesterday’s filth thread turned everybody shy?


Nice shirt eps, you wear plum well.


i think i worry that i can’t look directly into the eye of anyone after yday

not that eye


Thank you. I feel it works best with the candlestick in the games room.


Then I’m going to assume you’re wearing the tutu today.




Girl Band t today. Need to stop taking these on a Friday morning, light is #moody


I’m too yellow. I KNEW it.

^ look how angry i am to be this yellow.


Vague cycling t shirt and navy shorts

This was earlier, and I’ve got to make the most of this. She ended up sleeping for 8hrs


*tutu yellow


really enjoying your tshirt

also baby but w/ever


Jiron that’s a good pot plant


Thanks man! It’s our monstera cheese plant that has got a bit out of hand since we got it :grimacing:


*has just spent 20 minutes getting the light exactly the right amount of moody



big fan of our basic colour t shirts. if we stood next to each other we’d look like we supported [yellow and light blue team help me here guys]


I want to say… Shropshire United


Netrunner Rovers?


Clitheroe West