Friday Selfie Thread 06/04/2018


feeling a bit awful today, so i’m hoping all your beautiful faces will help cheer me up a bit.

here’s your starter for ten (sorry):


Surrounded by boxes of merch for an event. Cba.


Can I go home now?


oh my god, your jacket :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Spring is finally here! First non-big coat day for me :grin:


i got a bit overexcited because i was quite warm when i got in from work last night, so i went out cycling in shorts/short sleeves. unfortunately i had forgotten that the sun goes away at night time so by the end of my (very short, i should add) ride, i was completely freezing.


Ha! It’s a bit of an odd time of year innit. I got back last night and was like ‘shall we have a drink in the garden?’ and then realised that was quite a stupid suggestion.


Pre work this morning. Christ my forehead is huge


top face, top shirt/jacket :+1:


got some cracking spots on my forehead today


Reservoir Dogs


:relaxed: :kissing_heart:



There’s a real ‘first day at big school’ vibe about this one.


Run out of jobs to look at/apply for haven’t I so just proper lazing.


class AF t-shirt :ok_hand:


About to get my hair cut



(i’m sure i could have worked this into a bouldering pun somehow, if i was clever)


Must be at least ten years old and still in my regular rotation.


I’m pretty sure my Dad had some PJs in the same paisley material as this :smiley: Love it!