Friday Selfie Thread (09/02/18)


Come on then let’s be seeing you.

Have a lonesome train journey to Edinburgh so need something to look at instead of the disgusting Scottish countryside.


sorry I’m ill right now but hope to see some beautiful people here soon!




Have kasabian been playing in that house a hahaha!


embarrassingly I seem to be wearing the exact same outfit I wore last Friday - so I won’t be posting unless I can find a particularly exciting/ amusing location to post from




that looks bigger than a single pint!



‘whats the biggest drink you’ve got?’




Taken this morning.


Check the wall paper in my hotel :grinning:


Wow, show us your room! Is it as fancy as your wallpaper?


Back in the winter coat :disappointed:


Not at all, it’s all about the wall paper :+1::grinning:


Love this jacket, I feel like I should run home, put on some flares and my moustache and join you in the (insert name of retro car that probably talks) and then head out to solve crimes.


needs one of these




Absolutely love this one. 2 days after I bought it a car stopped and asked me for directions and after I’d helped the guy out he was like ‘I really like your jacket mate’, took me by complete surprise and genuinely made my day.


Too many people around, but have a sleevfie with bonus matching sock.