Friday selfie thread feat. work attire chat



standard indie kid cardigan, band shirt and jeans for me. But what I wanna know is your work dress policy!

  • Smart/Formal
  • Smart Casual
  • Casual af
  • Some kinda overalls/job-specific kit
  • Other (pls explain or show us)

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Good chunky knit that man.


Formal but with casual Friday. Shark socks optional. Sometimes I get to wear a labcoat and PPE.

(phone suggested “optimal”, which is also correct)


Patent protected epimerwear?


My workplace is pretty much smart casual, however we employ four developers and they seem to only understand the casual bit of that. Dunno if I would get away with wearing a band t shirt and trainers.

Today’s work attire;


Poo protection enderwear


I look unwashed :frowning:


Once had the buttons done up and a bouncer asked me what I had hidden down the front. Just my beer belly mate :disappointed:


Sorry, still in bed.




Our work policy is confusing. Our company has three offices in the UK and the official policy is that it’s smart casual monday-thursday with casual friday. in the main two offices people stick to that pretty much, however we’re in a small office in manchester and are casual all week really. Sometimes is a bit funny if we VC another office and they’re in shirts and trousers and we’re in a hoodies/t-shirts


The concept of casual friday makes me a bit sad


I kind of hate it.


hungover and late on the train. seem to have some sort of quiff going on.



I live for my dressing gown tbf




Here’s me an attic beam, and our new lamp.


I know it’s a bit tragic if you’re in the main offices on a friday and see senior staff trying to dress down wearing matalan jeans and sticking a jumper on.


I can’t figure out where the pyjama bottoms stop and the socks begin.


Damn, it feels good to be a gangster (had to come up to the fucking boardroom to take this).