Friday selfie thread




Hi Smee, v.bored, sat at home typing up notes form meeting yesterday.

Do you want a bonus selfie from yesterday when I was in Largs?


Here’s me in Lyon last week


This should save a bit of time:


I’m in the bath. You lucky people.


no chance. pervert.




Massive hand or tiny ice cream?


doesn’t @AphexTwinkletoes quite famously have super-hench arms/hands as a result of all his climbing?


No selfie (already posted one photo of me on these boards the other week, need to ration such treats)
Instead have a picture of my cool funky new prosthetic arm and bionic hand that I picked up last week;


that looks sith as fuck, m76789


that’s fucking amazing


didn’t know Pau Gasol posted here


Phone is great quality in my dark office.


guys, has anyone heard from @Bamnan recently?

he’s not posted all week and I don’t know whether or not this should be cause for concern :confused:

also it would be a shame for him not to show us all up in this thread with his outrageously handsome face



ban request!


I’m not posting shit until someone joins in my Shamen appreciation thread on the music board.

(not much of a threat this I know)