Friday selfie thread


Just working from home in a bowler hat


I like your face … and hat. facehat.


It’s Friday, the delivery still isn’t here yet. Cracking Friday.


I look quite hideous today so gonna go do my makeup brb


Drinking some coffee and being a goober as usual



I’m feeling a bit sleepy and rubbish but I’ve attempted to project a merry sort of vibe. I look deranged.


@ a bus stop waiting for the bus


That’s a pretty bleak backdrop there


c’mon witches - get involved! :grinning:


This has been documented in a thread a bout work coffee and tea solutions. Beyond bleak. There’s a park next door so I generally sit there and have lunch


Everything from the your LOUNGE sign downwards is just pure misery.


Yep, horrid. Most staff areas in M&S stores are the same though. Don’t even get proper milk!!!


I wanna chill in the lounge :frowning:




It’s a pipe dream.


alright, rufus!

(i bet you get that a lot)


My forward facing camera doesn’t work

I’ll have to find a mirror but I don’t think the is one in the loos of this restaurant


More in the past minute than the rest of my life combined, tbh.

Used to be Eddie Izzard when I was less hobo-chinned.


Just point it towards yourself and hope for the best