Friday Selfie Thread


It might be a bit early, but actually it’s 11am here so it feels like a good time to kick off the selfie thread. Here’s me and Jimbo, eating some Framboise outside le Marché:



This looks like a still from a very colourful boxing match


lucky for you all my phone is knackered


Working from home hard or hardly homely…wait.


I’m a sweaty mess due to a shitload of deliveries at work but I took this earlier, mainly to showcase my ace new t-shirt. Also, considering I have very little hair left, it’s managed to go fucking mental in the wind.


Need a haircut and a shave and I look terrible. Yay Friday


That coat on the right looks like some especially difficult sideburn.


First you say I’m unemployable, then you call my beard difficult. I get the feeling you don’t like me :confused:


I was going to say something nicer but then I noticed the inflatable banana in the background and got distracted…


Just pleased to seOH NEVER MIND.


I have to make a “banana promise” every morning, to make sure that the quality of our loose bananas is good enough. And that inflatable banana is my reminder of that

Fucking hell


I’m on a train.


i’d like to know more about the banana promise please, rich


Do you have to place your right hand on the inflatable banana while swearing this solemn oath?


Dib dib

@allnerve that’s about it. I’m just walking round my guys on the morning fill bashing them round the bonce with an inflatable banana


You can’t complain?


Sweetheart, your banana promise is always good enough for me x


Only one in the pub


Making a face and eating a hot dog this lunchtime.