Friday Selfies


It gone


Ooft you look so much different! Good jawline boss.


Those poor lil bikes


looking swiiiish


Blue steel


Here’s one of the kids because they were being cute this morning (plus I can show off my freshly painted hall)


cheating on so many levels


Brusma’s looking well


you look like a teenager! (this is a compliment BTW)


Getting sick of seeing my own face so have incorporated some lens flare ala JJ Abrams.

Wearing my keffiyeh for the first time but pretty anxious it’s just massive cultural appropriation. I bought it in the west bank and it’s made in Hebron so at least I supported a local business.

All purpose spring/summer clothes thread

what a couple of scallywags!


“working” from the sofa with my PA


You’re eldest looks so much like my cousin’s son I’m now questioning whether we’re related.


Taking a break from putting our belongings into boxes. Could do with a haircut.


good T


Morning, hungover, help.


Want one?


yes I am very sure I will fit your bike


Chop it down a bit, you’ll be fine.


shit has your son got a knife there?!?!