Friday Selfies


Got complimented on my t-shirt by a lady from Housing. She even said “Like!” and gave me a thumbs up! WHAT!


has your chin/jawline always been this good?


it fluctuates WILDLY depending on how much i ate/drink and how much i work out tbf. sometimes i just look like a perfect sphere


think you’ve got the absolute perfect length from mouth to bottom of chin, couldn’t be improved!




Send pics, stick ‘em in the thread;


Canal walk past the home of Kingsley


i like your fairy lights thewarn


totally want your hat!


Very miserable cinema selfie (they just showed that organ donation ad tbf)


turn your phone off!!!


Here’s a moody one of meeting waiting for the traffic lights in the rain, just for you PN


He took it himself and insisted I post it :smiley_cat:


Cat + Not Waving


can we have one with cat + not waving + waving plz?


Gina is being a bit of a diva right now tbh


Good start


Dark in here. Boreddddddd


I’m not one for wacky mugs but I think I need that one.


So much Statham