Friday Selfies


Had a couple of beers and listening to nu metal


This photo is brilliant. LUVIN’ LIFE.


What’s the secret to your teeth rich


He does have the best teeth, I’m going to steal them.


bit sinister


fanx :blush:


Brush once a day (srs). Haven’t been to the dentist since 2011, so it’s probs all superficial.

@Witches thanks :heart_eyes:


thought my teeth were ok but going to have to reconsider now


The boy who had a haircut and went for a wee


I’ll be your mirror etc etc


Listening to a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater playlist now. So, so happy.


Back seat innit.

Lady grey (That I don’t have milk in but the tea maker doesn’t know that)


Out in the horrible endless rain earlier


I think we have the same jacket. It was not a great help earlier.


It’s a hoodie. Tend to do that + jumper, layer right up.

I have a coat but all the buttons have fallen off. As it just generally needs a clean I keep meaning to take it to a dry cleaners but also keep forgetting.


don’t keep them all to yourself

dibs on the canines


it’s a good mug anyway and sos the cup that your tea is in!!!


That art looks really familiar. I think I saw that exhibition in Liverpool the Christmas before last. (Not a selfie.)

Who’s the artist? I took the pics and forgot their name.




Not a selfie but here I am displaying my strength and power by recreating how I helped to smash down a garage yesterday

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