Friday Show Us Your Lunch Thread


Hello, you can only post in this thread with pictures, not words.

Haven’t decided what I’m having for lunch yet but since it’s Friday here is a picture of fish n chips that I had last night for you to critique. (5/10, not very good)




You on a diet hun?


oh phwoar look at that


oh why not good


nah not really… not given the volume of cake I have also managed today.


Was airport food and just a bit bland tbh.


really weird how both airports and airplanes have a distinctive sort of flavour void (the latter adding in a kind of low level detergenty back-kick)


gonna have fried egg on toast, ruined it by splitting the yolk on one of them :frowning: my egg cracking game has really gone to pot recently


Fascinatingly (depending on how you look at it) apparently taste is severely impaired on a plane because of altitude, dry air and engine noise. I watched a programme the other night where the air food industry were having to make their meals much stronger in flavour to compensate.

This is no excuse for the poor fish however.


Mum has just handed me some fake Mac n cheese :neutral_face:


No one else having lunch today? :slightly_frowning_face:


No misery box today \o/ decent showing tbh


Looks nice and healthy


Anywhere good near natural history musuem?


Too hungry to pause for a pic, obviously.


I had a chicken Katsu from leather lane market, ate it so can’t take a photo. 7/10


my flatmate is cooking something that looks like a huge pan of spinach but smells like a particular brand of mustard the germans like putting on sausages

edit: already ate my food and it would have looked like a kik food picture in any case


Already gone