Friday slacker thread

What is it with daily threads recently? No one can be arsed? Well, here’s today’s slacker thread. Tell me things, or don’t.

Just about to finish up in the gym. Flippin’ freezing in here. Had to put a jumper on.

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Just relaxing in bed for a bit. Work soon.

Gym later and one at the local I reckon.

Excited about the cold snap being over and it getting to :sparkles: 5c :sparkles: today!

Going to a basketball game tonight, hoping for a bit of this

Video Games Basketball GIF


Lovely sky atm

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Off to Edinburgh for two nights. Was gonna fly but just getting the plane instead.


Morning 1st WFH day of the year so deffo slacking.

Gonna do yoga and go buy my oat milk.

Trying to decide whether takeaway or haggis neeps and tatties for tea

Reading my book and drinking my chai and going to be extremely productive…in ten minutes.


Had my first WFH day on Wednesday, I had absolutely no meetings in my diary. I listened to a stack of actual IRL records, it was glorious.


I’ve changed roles and in a lovely period where I’ve cancelled all the recurring meetings from last role and not had too many set up for new role. So good.

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Records is a nice idea. I like the radio for company on a Friday. There’s an excited energy for the weekend that I want to bathe in.

Should go for a run :running_man:

Been for a run (cold)
Couple of work bits
Couple of house bits
Drive to stalbans to dump my car at my brothers and give him some things (from a distance he’s got covid)
Maybe a couple of pints in stalbans
Cab to Heathrow
:mexico: tonight/tomorrow morning

Never been on a long flight before. Planning to have 5-8 pints before to knock myself out and sleep through the majority

Let’s have a poll then

  • Haggis, Neeps & Tatties (Pros - Got all ingredients, uses up stuff from the veg box, Cons - Effort, might be something nice to make on Sunday)
  • Vegan muchy box takeaway from the The Glad Cafe (Pros - Low effort, Veganuary special so need to try whilst is available, Cons - Uses no veg, contains lots of deep fried stuff which isnt good for my guts)
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Do both. Vegan today neeps on sunday


Don’t get wasted, watch some films and tan the free booze on board


Just got up late for work. Finishing early so I can go have some hype beer but be home in time for traitors

Going away for the weekend shortly, which is nice. Here is a picture of where I am going:


Hello. Cat, meet pigeons

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Gonna make a ragu.

Haven’t got up yet

Got a slacker question - Does the read aloud function in Word etc. keep you green in teams?