Friday slush thread


In work with a stinking cold after walking through freezing sleet & slush


I hate everything, including you …and especially you

…you’re alright though

What’s your Fridaying DiS?


Was determined to go into work today after spending all week at home with some bullshit low level illness. Bounded out of bed, was so dizzy that I immediately walked into a doorframe and had to sit on the floor for a bit.

Everything’s still very spinny. Guess I’m working from wfh again then.

I’m very in from work at 9.15, went to bed at 10. Woke up (bloody kid!) at 3.45 and have been awake since. Had a cheeky doze at work there. Today is gonna be a slog.

Apparently I need to look out and sort new phone contracts today on BlaCk FrIdAy for wife and mother-in-law as I know “all about that boring stuff”

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  • You poor darling

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Morning! It’s my Monday :frowning: but my most irritating, incompetent colleague is on holiday so it’s not too bad.

Not feeling too unwell but still trying to rest up so I can get to the gig

Wfh today. Short run, bit of a tidy round as the TV has guests staying tomorrow.

Hopefully find some time to make some music and read a bit tonight.

Whenever you post photos of that harbour I get the Carlie Simon song from Working Girl in my head.

Got up late, WFH but have to go to town to pick up my glasses first to try and curb these headaches, then might as well squeeze in a swim and work through lunch instead.

@Matt_was_taken I’ll bring some cornflake tart over to yours this afternoon if you’re in :blush:



I got asked for ID when trying to but some horror movies in HMV yesterday. Of course I didn’t have any on me.

Tempted to go back today just to prove that I am actually 43.

Gig tonight. First in ages.


Did they let you have the films?

No they did not.

Anger… Rising.

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You’ll be alright for Fenino I hope?

(GWS Eps!)

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Going straight to bed after work to try to heal up.

I’m too early to pick up my glasses so I’m going to have the coconut and rhubarb porridge at PKB :drooling_face:

I’m sorry you’re struggling today. Wish I was closer so I could help out.


Big John roasting Charlie on BBC :smiley:

First draft of Merry Christmas lyrics needed work.

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Feeling conflicted about Black Friday. On the one hand, I want to take advantage of the bargains and get some Christmas shopping done. On the other hand it’s a savage orgy of unfettered consumerism that makes me feel a bit sick.


Cycled through that slush into work today. Thank the lord for winter tyres!