Friday slush thread

god I feel so shit, should probably go home

I was sneezing all the way through a seminar just now

also, you know when you’re in that groggy first phase of being ill and your brain is quite suggestible and it only needs to be slightly nudged in order to get stuck in a feedback loop of itself ? Well one of the things mentioning in the seminar was the Greepeace social network/forum thing they have called Greenwire …and for getting on half an hour now I’ve had the 12 bar loop of the chorus of Pixies ‘Hangwire’ going round and round in my head

gah, turn it off, turn it all off

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Just got to spend 30 minutes on the phone to Universal Credit, which isn’t too bad considering it’s UC. Throwing myself at their mercy and hope they do a back assessment.

Morning all,

Haircut now, waiting in the barbers, then wfh all day and try and sort out the raffle prize for @guntrip

Nowt planned for the evening, quiet one writing and a beer I think.

GWS @BodyInTheThames and @wileycat


I’ve been volunteered to go and talk to some “young people” about “careers” in a bit. I’ve not really been briefed and I’m the worst imaginable candidate for this task.

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Rang in sick again. Feel like I’m on the mend though.

Tea in bed with Jane Eyre.

Morning all,

I thought I wouldn’t have an early start today, after finishing my 7am call with China yesterday saying that I wouldn’t be needed. Foolishly I thought I’d check in anyway just in case, and there’d been an issue and I needed to step in. Bah. So I haven’t had breakfast yet.

Bat for Lashes was amazing last night though, and I’m sure I’ll be a lot more chipper once I’ve eaten something.

I’m so worried about being weird now. I’m going to be weird aren’t I?

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Had to do this recently, to first and final year students studying the field I work in. Absolute sea of blank faces, particularly from the first years (which is fair, given they’d just started a four year course). Brilliant stuff.

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  1. Check fly is up :heavy_check_mark:
  2. Dust biscuit crumbs off shirt :heavy_check_mark:
  3. Check no food on face :heavy_check_mark:
  4. No wee spots on trousers :heavy_check_mark:


“How ya doing fellow young people”


“If you have questions, I’m happy to try and answer”

[the most silent silence you’ve ever heard]


Insert some sort of farming-related joke here.

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Never check in. Ever.

(I have made this mistake too many times)


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Probably got a million things to do



cat just walked across my keyboard and shut the laptop down. Then ran up the back of the office chair, claws out, piercing my back. fuuuuuuuuuuu


You can go home from work now IF

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remember to sign up for santa… you need to do it this weekend (so do it now)


Really looking forward to getting a cat now

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Day off work woo! Gonna be productive and do everything (some) on my list woo! Thanksgiving dinner tonight woo!

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wifis fucked

oh no