Friday slush thread

Fuck it. I’m going home


Surely in first year you’re still just thinking about drinking and getting laid. Or do millennials take this stuff seriously?

morning all :wave:

been off work all week using up some days off that I’d lose if I didn’t use them by the end of the year. plan was to go to a few places around the UK but weather and getting bored of driving around meant we cut it short, got as far as Manchester via some places on the way up north/down south. not the most exciting holiday ever, but nice few days off and away from the usual routine so thumbs up there.

today I dunno. might go into town and get some kind of thing to display my various pin badges on? probably stuff I want in the many Black Friday sales but given it’s my birthday tomorrow I’m a bit reluctant to buy anything in case I’ve been bought it as a present - already spoiled one present by going to buy something and my wife having to say “er, I wouldn’t get that if I were you” :confused:


What are you thinking of?

Not got mine up yet but have some round cork ikea coasters I have been arranging them on and going to hang those up. Going to look pretty good once I have it done I think.

My gf just pins them to the curtain. Not very adult but quiet effective.

I just have them sprawled on a window ledge. Need a new bigger box to put them in.


some kind of cork related thing probably - I had a look online to see what was available and there seemed to be millions of sort of flag things but not sure I like the look of them.

I was thinking of going to one particular shop that has loads of stuff like that, loads of frames and stuff - just remembered it closed down last month :sob:

I don’t actually have that many badges tbh, but at the moment they just sit there on a shelf and I reckon I can do better than that. would like to wear one or two occasionally, but I have a terrible track record for losing them :frowning:

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Hello Fridayers

Feeling so shit. Brother is being a total dick so having dropped off R I am hiding out in the starbucks in town so I can spend more time out even though it is really noisy and the shopping centre is noticeably busier with Extra Capitalism Day shoppers.

Council property bidding today was so depressing that it really magnified the sad of not feeling like I can even be in my own ‘home’.

I’m not doing any online shopping today, although I probably will end up buying things that aren’t reduced in price.

This is the class I’m meant to be teaching today:

The lecturer in charge says they haven’t existed since the start of the year.

I’m out for drinks with the old men I play football with on a Monday later. Lots of lager in sports bars before one of them suggests the casino or strippers.

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Gf already out the door for black friday shopping. Im still in bed watching planes trains and automobiles.


I wish you luck in your cork search :crossed_fingers:

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I think you have the better day there.

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I’ve to go to the doctor later, load of coeliac-ish nonsense. Am in bed listening to techno and playing with the cat. GF is off for a driving lesson in ten minutes.

Just opened a help to buy ISA. Is it going to help? Is it fuck


Read that as help to buy IPA


Might get one of those too


Same, what’s the point. Getting a deposit together feels like a pipe dream.



Never gonna happen. A life of astronomic rent. Yay!

I was gonna open a lifetime isa today but couldn’t be arsed finding my nino.