FRIDAY Squirrel & cat thread

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


No coffee & book in bed today as had a zoom meeting scheduled for 9am (now), no sign of the other person who wanted to meet at 9am…



No cats or squirrels to report.

Going to have some boiled eggs and toast soldiers for breakfast, then go for a bike ride. Can’t decide where to go though - will probably decide once I get going.

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How long do I wait? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I would have logged out already

For your collective FAOs

Just eating some keto cake and got Clangers on in the background. Good show. Nice and calm

morning troopers and scoopers

busy day ahead; got a shit load of training to do, so im wearing by big purple jumper again and tanning the coffee to get myself ready

there’s a lot of noise about using MS Teams Shifts function to book a desk and stuff starting Next Next week, so that’s… interesting. kinda fancy staying at home, but going into the city and getting a nice lunch whilost using a train does sound mighty tempting after 14 months.

Morning all!

How busy was the train, out of interest?

Just booked a dentist appointment for 230. YES!


Just walking round the park muttering to myself about needing a dog

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frankly, parks are only for dog walkers
and for adults on their phones
as their kids skin their knees

(might do all my posts from now on as Los Campesinos! lyrics)

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is there a lot of cats about like?

load of sticks lying around

Amazing photos!

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Nature is healing

Posted the cat & squirrel video on my twiiter ’fleets’ innit

No idea how to link to it

Doesn’t exist

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was nearly an hour early to a meeting, who am i

There’s a guy across the road who gave us some tadpoles once, and his name is Graham. So my wife just calls him Graham Tadpoles if mentioning him and it cracks me up every time.

  • Grow up
  • Graham Tadpoles

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Morning all.

Friday and its not raining for the first time this week here!

Just come off our morning team call where we mostly talked fitbits and getting Friday afternoons off work…because neither our manager or director was in to keep us on track :smiley: Now catching up on emails and listening to the new NIN/Health single.

I’m going to pop see my mum for a coffee in the garden at lunch, then it’s beer garden after work for tea and beers (naturally).