FRIDAY Squirrel & cat thread

Amazing photos!

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Nature is healing

Posted the cat & squirrel video on my twiiter ’fleets’ innit

No idea how to link to it

Doesn’t exist

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was nearly an hour early to a meeting, who am i

There’s a guy across the road who gave us some tadpoles once, and his name is Graham. So my wife just calls him Graham Tadpoles if mentioning him and it cracks me up every time.

  • Grow up
  • Graham Tadpoles

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Morning all.

Friday and its not raining for the first time this week here!

Just come off our morning team call where we mostly talked fitbits and getting Friday afternoons off work…because neither our manager or director was in to keep us on track :smiley: Now catching up on emails and listening to the new NIN/Health single.

I’m going to pop see my mum for a coffee in the garden at lunch, then it’s beer garden after work for tea and beers (naturally).

Graham Toadheads


I think thats ‘showing up at the wrong time’ rather than being early tbh

No Friday squirrel to hand, but here is a Friday cat


Morning all. No cats, one squirrel and this lovely view on today’s walk.


Yeah, fleets schmeets

Here you go


Love that you were open to the possibility you’d received some kind of psychic vibration!

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please don’t let the cat kill the squirrel


I’ve been trying to do a piece of Data Governance training today but it’s SO DULL!

It’s incredibly comprehensive and at the same time utterly impenetrable. I can only assume that it’s been put together by someone who got into working with data because they had no people skills at all and found themselves having to put together these training packs.

I’m about 75% of the way through though. The end’s in sight Rob!

Or the squirrel kill the cat

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or merge into an deadly cuirrel

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A Squat you mean!


Honestly, the cat is more afraid of the squirrel than vice versa

But yeah, I put the phone away and removed the cat from the scene pretty sharpish after this

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Pleased to report that one of our neighbours has acquired an extremely cute puppy