Friday Stats Check

whereas I probably like too much?


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Not at all I’m just a mean bastard.

i misunderstood your poll and thought you meant “more than this” as in more than you do, not “more than thisses” as in more than you would give out a “this” on the old board.

this post feels very theo

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Except that I got what he meant immediately.

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Most liked post: Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)
Most liked post without cheating by being in the cat thread: Terrible things people post on social media

Most replied to: @Aggpass
Most liked: @Aggpass
Most liked by: @incandenza

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Bless you


:heart: your most liked post so much

everybody stop solving threads

Am I going to have to turn it off again, Eric?

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nuke 'em, theo!

I have turned off the feature.

Imboseals has made me do a lol in the office. Again.


I can read it over and over. Just glorious.

Edit: the rant, obviously.

dunno sorry, haven’t been counting

Most replied to @ericthefourth
Most liked @colon_closed_bracket
Most liked by @Lo-Pan

My most like post was one of those ‘how many of you have had this medical condition?’ so not worth linking to.


my one is a dead heat with a shit post in that thread and i’m desperate for someone to tap the other one over the line

This is very unsurprising.

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am i that unsurprising?!

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u fuckin wank @marckee

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