Friday Stats Check



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Sorry mate after that ‘joke’ on Facebook I may have to just stop liking your posts altogether :wink:

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I can’t believe this is making me laugh again.


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most liked: @Lo-Pan
most liked by: @Epimer

here’s a good one: 1.03 likes to posts ratio

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guys I don’t even know how to find this info

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surprised and saddened by this

That’s why you will never make it in the mod big leagues.


oh :disappointed:

just kidding. How do we check this anyway?

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most liked: @me
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IGNORE ME i thought we were actually talking about the past week, not stats from all time

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i don’t think you can do it for just the last week?

it’s weird on here how when you link to a post it takes you to the post before it

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No technically not, although there is a plugin that isn’t active that allows the mods to run SQL queries on the DB, so I guess that could be enabled and then we could get that data.

I’ve turned on the ‘solution’ thing for this forum and the Site Feedback one now. This means the person who started a thread can mark a given post as the ‘solution’ (mods and admins can do this too) and these will then show up in the ‘solution’ bit of your stats.