Friday Stats Check

Bump it, Shucks :punch:

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is there a way to find out what the most liked post on the site is? there must be

Most liked post: Phil King leaves Lush
Most replied to: @Severed799
Most liked: @Aggpass
Most liked by: @Severed799

Most replied to: @ericthefourth
Most liked: @ericthefourth
Most liked by: @Lo-Pan

Hmmm, interesting…

(My most liked post is also one of those medical conditions thread ones so really boring)

Edit: FUCK IT, here are SCREENSHOTS!!!


A pattern emerges…


and this earned my “first link” how lovely

been so long since i’ve got a badge :crying_cat_face:

I imagine it’s the one where casinobay (I think) tells us of his wife’s successful transplant - which is a pretty good one to have… well that or my one about onions.

Some great stuff to go in the big ol spreadsheet here

mm, the feeling is mutual then

I really do hope it’s this:


Just need another 40 odd on my onions and I can defeat it.

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hmmmm :thinking:



I think that’s largely because I posted about 50 times in the Secret Santa present opening thread :santa:

Your posts tend to make me chuckle more than others, and I’ll always like a post that does that :grinning:

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:punch: I gotcha bro.

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Most replied to: @AllOfThemWitches
Most liked: @AllOfThemWitches
Most liked by: @AllOfThemWitches

Most liked post:

🎅🎄 DiSmas Secret Santa: OPENING THREAD 🎁🎅

Speaking of which, I nearly drank my way through all of that tea selection @Yesiamaduck, I’ve just got the Bergamot & mango variety left :tea:

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That lad must have a thumb issue

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