Friday Stats Check



Who’s your top three most liked and liked by? (go to Profile > Summary)

Also tell us about another stat of your choice.

I have 99 nice posts, just one more for my century!!! (Not a hint for you to liek this post or anything.)





Haha you fancy me.


Oh no.


haha, it seems the fancier has become the fanc…ee…


Seems to be some discrepancies in the numbers here :thinking: I demand a recount.


Dont forget your extra stat pls!!!



Who do you fancy tho


Cut that off on purpose because people won’t like me otherwise, think all of them were accidental clicks


It’s a @Antpocalypsenow vs @profk lovefest

Extra stat:


you need to me more conservative with your likes



Oh shit! Er… I’m part of the ‘Admired’ club for users who post too much and could be doing something more important with their lives?


Might start making a note of posts I dislike, and then mock up the results in paint


First person in this thread to have two entirely unique lists (@safebruv doesn’t count because he’s not using likes properly ;))

Apparently I’ve also garnered some respect around here somehow…


Or maybe i’m using them correctly and everyone else is trigger happy


I’m now having an existential crisis over your post… to like, or not to like.



Would probably top my own list