friday the 13th banal

oOooOooOOOooOOOOOoooOoooo :ghost: :

having any spOooOooooOOooky snacks?
watching any spOOooOoooooOOOOooOoky films tonight?
how looOooOooOOOOooOOoooOOooonng until pub?


i had c&o hula hoops and half a bueno

want: snacks
have: no snacks

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Un Hackney Hopster.

Expect my own pistol barrel to be against my own temple shortly.

I have a “spiced ginger” tea.

Not into films, sorry.

Not going to the pub, sorry.

Great contributions all round.

A chiptune Pixies cover band called Pixels

kinda into it?

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well, i know what i’m doing for the next hour

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Right well I’ve done fuck all today, no point starting now. I’m going home.

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Tea, penguin bar. No word of pub yet. Might watch a (non-spooky) film tonight, current candidate is This is England.

i mean they all obviously sound like from old computer games but wow

who spends their time making these

Anything UNLUCKY happened to anyone today?



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i had to go work

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I hear that buddy. Ah well at least it’s Friday eh?

TGIF eh living for the weekend lol

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Will watch the bats later as usual but perhaps I’ll wear a cape too

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Giving the kiddo her dinner earlier than normal as I’ve got to take my wife to A&E when she gets in from work. So yeah, I’m in for a fun evening

You people have held me back long enough