Friday the 13th


Morning everyone!! :smiley: It’s that time of year again!! I know what film I’ll be most watching today …

How’s everyone doing? Weekend plans? Good luck to those of you hanging out near any lakes :wink: :hocho: :jack_o_lantern:


ok who just requested mighty mighty bosstones on 6 music


woah spooky :ghost:

Not working today, off to see the new Haneke film later wooooooo. Will probably go out for two or three beers afterwards. Spending the weekend recording as usual. I may drink a few more beers over the weekend to be perfectly honest.




Doing some work from WFH. On holiday next week. not doing owt just decorating and whilst the paint dries playing videogames :+1:


hows it going? how was the drummer?


Friday 13th and I’m staying in bed. Because I’ve come down with a cold…


Good questions Matt, I want to know the answers to this also.


it’s going really good and is sounding absolutely massive. we’ve recorded so many layers it’s started to get a bit ridiculous. it’s basically done apart from the vocals which will be done over the next couple of weeks :sunglasses:

this was my day yesterday:



oh drummer! he hadn’t played in a few years so was pretty rusty but he seems pretty good so we’re gonna try him out and see how it goes.


Also, WFH means I get to hang out with this rabbid beast all day :hamster:



Working until 4 then chilling this afternoon. The TV has phoned in sick so I’ll probably cook nice dinner.

Tomorrow, BEER FESTIVAL!!!


that’s great news, look forward to hearing it :smiley:


Well if you’re stuck Eric, I suppose I could step in and help you out :smirk: I’m mega good at the double pedal and blast beats. I can’t do them at the same time but ya know…


It looks like she/he is bending those metal bars with his :muscle:


Best sleep of the week last night, feel more tired than ever though, bafflingly.

Drove to work today, had my music on and for every song on the playlist, there was this new kind of accompaniment that I thought sounds quite sweet - yet I’d never heard before. Parked up, started walking into the office and realised it was my phone alarm that had been going off for the better part of an hour.

Tonight, getting creative on a friend and then just chilling.


Train’s going from a different platform for some reason. Hate having to think in the morning. Off to see Public Service Broadcasting this evening, so that’ll be ok, hopefully.


I’m intrigued, what do you mean exactly?


think he’s talking about sexing them :smirk:


That’s what it sounds like but I never like to presume such things :blush: