Friday the 78th of January thread

Seriously, this month is dragging, and there’s still a week to go. Weather looks like this:

Nevertheless it’s Friday! Work today, Thai dinner later. How are your Fridays looking?

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Morning CCB, all subsequent folk. Today is my Monday, but I’m on my doing 3 days then a week off so not too bad. Going to Dartmouth after work to the M&S-Lidl-Sainsburys triangle so at least there’ll be something good for tea.

Quiet mild here today. Got in before 8. Done nothing yet

Morning all,

I’m super excited! we’re going to meet out friend’s flatmate’s cockapoo at the pub after work. She’s such a cute doggo, I can’t wait to see her and pet her and sit looking at things with her. Going to see Fucked Up afterwards.

had to change my password when i got in today, i say in, i mean downstairs. the annoying thing is, that Power BI doesn’t seem to like my saved password, so i had to edit around 50 entries in a gateway and now need to spend the rest of the morning twizzling my Power Ball to stave off the RSI.

Have a great day.


Morning CCB. Agreed. This week in particular seems to have gone on forever. Looking forward to Arsenal v Man Utd in the Cup this evening. That’s it I think.

This photo would make a great album cover


Morning CCB, morning everybody. Just completed six days of gym visits with another swim this morning. With a bit of luck, I won’t repeat yesterday’s and Wednesday’s trick of leaning forward and watching water from the pool drain out of my nose on to the desk.
On the downside, today and tomorrow are 12-hour days. On the upside, I’ve got four whole days off on the other side of it.

Morning all. I’m a bit tired, and my ears are seriously ringing, after going to see Fucked Up last night. I’d be very tempted to go and see them in London tonight, if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m school disco chauffeur, and that we’re having a mass sleepover at ours afterwards :grimacing:


You know what, Power BI can suck my dick


Big toe cuticle infected. Sore.

Hungry. Want bacon.

Day off work. Might go to richer sounds and buy a phono stage so I can listen to records again.

Power BJ?

Edit: sorry


it’s going to be tough, logistically, but I have faith you two can hook it up.

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Best I could do while on the can.


Put out my new album today which is a good feeling.
5 working days left in this job - very difficult to feel productive!


Sounding great as usual (listening on my commute aren’t I)

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Off to Bristol after work to visit my sister.

That’s all.



Bit weird (in a good way) listening to all the excellent stuff coming out of the label and knowing the people who’ve made it

:exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: