Friday the 78th of January thread

Hi doctor Matt


Load of meetings on the day of a deadline - standard.

Was going to squeeze in a quick swim at lunch but it’s highly unlikely once I’ve walked up there that I’ll have time. Bah.

Tour this weekend, usual dread is creeping in.

Morning all!

I haven’t had breakfast yet so I’ll be eating emergency porridge at my desk.

I have not slept well at all these last two nights.

It’s Burns Night (can someone confirm I don’t need an apostrophe there?) so I’m making lamb and haggis kofte.


Moral Juggernaut is a monstrous banger :ok_hand:


I got a new gessy for Christmas and it’s like being wrapped in a huge soft blanket. I love it.


Woke up early from being cold after I sweated too much in bed from a hot water bottle.

Hoping I can finally go see my nephew today but have a feeling I may need to wait til tomorrow.

  • Turn up late/miss your daily standup meeting because you clearly went to get a coffee on way in
  • Get to work and meeting on time!!

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100% this. My bf hates my dressing gown and thinks I look like I should be shouting swear words out the window with a fag in my mouth whenever I wear it. Joke’s on him because I actually think that’s a strong look (and it’s cossyyy af).



So so tired. Off today. May sleep forever


Hello. Another for team tired here. I have a rash which is driving me fucking mental and making me feel incredibly unattractive so that’s good.

bring back the create an album cover game thread


Good morning to everyone on the best corner of the internet. Been a knackering week hasn’t it?

I have many meetings today but one of those meetings is a tour of some museums, which means it has the potential to crack my “top 5 meetings of all time” list.

@Twinkletoes new album out today. It’s proper good!


ride in was absolutely grim today. Also proved that having a front mudguard actually makes quite a bit of difference in these conditions. Look like I’ve just staggered off a cyclo-cross course.

Basically the only positive thing I can say about January is that at least it isn’t February :weary:

This is my last Friday (and last weekend) in London; up to Edinburgh next Wednesday, and then to Newcastle on the weekend. Feels weird. Looking forward to this all being over.


Another member of Team Tired reporting for duty. Bloody student party next door last night and toddler deciding that 5.30 is a good time to get up this morning. At least it’s Friday, thank god.

This would definitely be a welcome return.

obvs got a coffee. Meeting not even started

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I approve wholeheartedly of this.

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morning all

deployed my traditional Friday bacon roll, but today I got orange juice with it so I feel like I’ve been vaguely healthy. for me anyway.

2 people in the office so far including me. 24 desks. mostly just counting down the time til I can go home and play Resident Evil 2 tbqph