Friday: The Evening

Alright? Worked late cause of a tour but home now with a nice beer on the go. Gonna have cauliflower & broccoli cheese and some frying steak for tea and watch some more OC. Could really go a night out at a string of downmarket sticky pubs tbh.

Fucking joke, I need the lyrics so I can sing along

Went out for a quick wind down after a work pint and am now shitfaced



Finished work and I am shattered. Have crawled into bed.

Gotta get up and roast a chicken.

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had today off and just spent the entire day in bed reading and eating biscuits


Class smashed their ukulele playing in assembly today.

Had a lovely pizza for dinner

Dog’s got a new bed

Walkies and wine in a bit.



Playing a little set at the Leeds Electronic Music Open Mic. The majority of folks signed up are called Steve, Mark, or Martin :upside_down_face:


I gave some “expert comments” to an online news article which has made me feel pretty good. I then posted more comments on Insta stories and am cringing at that but hey ho.

I don’t fancy what I have planned for dinner (veg chilli) but don’t have anything else in. I’m having takeaway tomorrow but I really want something tasty now.


A bit pissed off from work, sitting with a sleeping baby and contemplating dinner.

Made toasted cheese earlier and slopped a load of beans over them.

Getting smashed out my head tonight.

Battered sausage and chips for dinner. House guest tonight but they’re out later with my other half, so I’m on solo childcare duty with a child who’s overexcited because we have a house guest. This is gonna need beer.


Pizza ordered.

Gonna watch the apprentice from last night and have a beer or two.

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Got a friend who doesn’t offer to put my cans in the fridge when I go round

  • Totally fine
  • Total weirdo behaviour

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I hope you bring some cans for him, too?

Ate a basic ploughmans for tea (cheese, ham, bread, chutney), and now watching Turning Red.

Always fancied being a Red Panda, they’re one of if not the cutest pandas going.


Na we just do a kind of turn about bring your own type thing. I usually leave anything I don’t drink though (and obviously allow him the great privilege of using my fridge).

Fucking hate everything today.

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Or just do like I do. Enter said friend’s house, walk straight to the fridge (moving any food/drink obstacles out of the way) to make room for my beers.


In Southampton visiting my big bro and fam. I love them all but bloody hell does this reaffirm my suspicion I do not want kids.

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