Friday, the first of October, evening thread.

Had a very lazy work day but somehow got away with it without any scrutiny.

Just had a G&T and off to see a gig tonight which I’m pretty excited about.

Anyone got a good recommendation for where I can some good pre-gig food round kings cross later without too much queuing (not McDonalds but thanks)

Have a fun night all

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Evenin all

Got some chicken marinading in the fridge and going to make the garlic and lime balti again (for the 4th week in a row) in a bit. Currently got the dog lying on my lap having a snooze though and don’t want to disturb him, so dinner can wait.

Couple of beers in the fridge for later. Or maybe one tonight, one tomorrow.

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Evening all in-laws are here for the foreseeable future (whole thing with my Mam & Dad being on holiday, a due date and a toddler) so I’m going to stick my headphones in and continue watching The Sopranos.

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:heart_eyes: this looks great, cheers

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Nonsense telly, probably Ted Lasso

Speaking of which Dolly tweeting Ted Lasso was my favourite thing this week. Worlds collided!

Also my class assembly spectacular was great today… @Funkhouser we had Bonnie Tyler.


What as in Bonnie Tyler was there? Or did you do a tribute act? Would prefer the second one.

Evening all!

I roasted some cauliflower and kale for tea and served with pitta, za’tar and mint yogurt. It is one of my favourite low effort meals.

Tonight we’re hopefully watching the Downey Jnr Doolittle.

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The kids sang I need a Hero! and did an excellent (choreographed by me) dance with a lot of bicep bulging :rofl:


Sounds fucking brilliant tbf.

Evenin’ Currently listening to Scritti Politti, after @CillaCrack mentioned them earlier.

Going to a pop punk night for the first time since the beginning of 2020 and I’m going to sing sooooo badly. so excited.


Off to my first post covid gig tonight…seeing nubiyan twist in Sheffield.

Got to drive though so no beers for me



Evening DiS,

Stir fry for dinner, off to see Pins in a bit. There’s a couple of local supports, and there should be people there I know from early on, and it’s Friday night, so I think I’ll get there nice and early. Must remember my ear plugs.

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Doing the doors at the gbv thing, which is quite good because its a sausage fest of people I don’t know. In fact maybe this can be my new way of going out - the perfect socially awkward means to be out and be hermit like.


In case you didn’t know


eating my squashies

always think gbv must be godspeed bloody valentine but that can’t be right can it

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Had a nice day. Did a facetime with one of my closest friends back home who has a 2-month-old baby and her partner is working nights and she’s feeling very alone. Not much I can realistically do about that from halfway across the country, but I’ve just ordered some nice flowers to be delivered to her tomorrow. As much as I’m enjoying my time up here (mostly, I also can’t wait to meet her and the little one again <3


80s - gremlins
90s - lemmings
2000s - pokemon
2010s - minions

wonder what the funny talking thingies will be for the 2020s

Omg I’m watching Miracle Workers and a man literally just married a goat! :smiley::smiley:

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