Friday the Fveventh of February

What’s up?

I had a totally empty work calendar today so I decided to book my MOT this morning, and a phone consultation about fixing my shit brain for cunts this afternoon.

Then a recruiter scheduled a call with me and I said yes. Fine. Then the pharmacy didn’t have my brain pills and I need to go get them today. And the kitchen person is also finally available this afternoon. And then someone put a meeting in on something I know nothing about. And one of my meetings from yesterday got bumped to today.


Quite need to go to the post office too. Should also maybe think about doing some work at some point as well.

Not sure I’m ready to commit to this daily thread till someone else posts in it 1st

I’m fine


Stopped shittiing so went for a wander around Bagan. The pagodas are the goldest gold I’ve ever seen


It’s my Tuesday :sob:

Could be worse :wink:

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Lupe’s Italian cousin?


Half day to play in a work pool tournament/piss up.

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Please do not urinate in the work pool.

Not again.



I’ve decided to have a sneaky, last minute day off work. Mrs W and I are going to the cinema.

However, the local cinema is rubbish, and from what they’re showing the only movie that we got anywhere close to agreement on was Birds of Prey.

This might be a wasted day off.

'er indoors wants me to hang the washing up outside

  • That is literally insane, look at all that frost that’s still on the ground, you’ll just end up with frozen pants
  • Oooo but the washing smells so much nicer when it’s been dried outside ooo

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Morning all!

My second long commute of the week. I’m not enjoying this one either.

Wor Lass has offered to collect me at lunch time so I don’t have to travel back with the commoners but I’ve arranged appointments between 1-3 with builders from the insurance company and 1-5 with a mortgage advisor.

Both will probably happen simultaneously, won’t they?





Absolute shambles of a day already. R totally refused to go to preschool and my brother completely overstepped the mark and lost his temper and hauled him there when all I’d asked for was a little bit of assistance to make sure R stayed out of the road. Felt absolutely powerless and just want to bawl my eyes out everything is so shit.

No idea why R is so resistant to going, by all accounts he loves preschool.

Going to attempt smash through my to-do list even though I only want to go to bed.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure my IBS is stress related, which is convenient as I am hardly ever stressed or anxious.

Hope you all have better days x

You and @keith are banned from the pool party.


It’s full of piss anyway by the sounds of it.

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I’ve seen golder

sadness level is off the charts tbqh m9s