Friday the Fveventh of February





Morning team. Went out for “drinks” with my pals at WEST last night, hoping to try their Nix AF beer on tap. IUt had sold out, so they gave us bottles. Was fine - a bit hoppy for my likes, but yeah it was good. Amazingly, all of my pals also drank AF with me, which was good.

Today; started work at 6am so I could finish at 12pm, and go home and spend the afternoon with the kids and TV. Got a haircut later, so as per usual I’ll post pre- and post-cut selfies for you all. My beard is pretty awesome right now, but it’s mental.

Less abled people.


Morning Epimer, all,

Seeing Carly Rae Jepsen in 36 hours, @Gnometorious. Tonight though we’re off to Bristol for some rock and/or roll. It’s a Menzingers show, who i like, but I’m more excited about Mannequin Pussy and Spanish Love Songs who have a new album out today; more of the same fist in the air, scream along, bleak jams. I WANNA SEE HOW MUCH LOWER WE CAN GO! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: can’t wait, it’s going to be a great fun time.

It was wonderfully foggy out, first thing when we went for our walk. Love foggy mornings.

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Day 3 of Gastroenteritis - not enough to ruin my day but as I work for a hospital enough to forbid me from going to work. As a result I’ve been having very chill ‘me’ days and its been fun!

But I would like to go outside at some point though, maybe tomorrow?

I’m wearing different trousers to usual and it feels great

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I would like to know more about these trousers and why they feel so great.

Enjoy the gig and thanks for reminding me about the new album.

Today is my third day in a row working 9 to 8:30. Great fun.


I had a dream last night where I broke @Slicky’s garage door (not a euphemism)


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Thanks. It’s pretty much more of the same stuff they were doing on Schmaltz, but I’m fine with that.



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WFH today. Did the school run earlier. Just popped out for coffee. Lots of working so far then.

Solidarity on the IBS. My stomach is a state this week due to stress and anxiety and it’s rubbish. I’m just trying to stay hydrated and drinking lots of peppermint tea :revolving_hearts:


Morning all. Had a good time seeing @ttf at a gig last night, hope you’re feeling a bit better today pal.

I’m WFH and trying to convince my partner to retrieve lunch for me. I have requested the “Colonol and King Orgy” (A KFC vegan burger put inside a Burger King veggie whopper, not unlike the McGangbang, which is the tried-and-trusted McChicken burger inside a Big Mac). She is repulsed by the idea, but I think I can convince her it’s worth exploring.


How will you police who does and doesn’t need a straw?


I stayed home yesterday (a much needed MH day after a stressful week) and I feel better but I have come to the office today and it’s well boring. But I needed it.

We’ll be keeping busy/out of the house this weekend.
Tonight - Parasite!
Tomorrow - going to fucking south london and I am NOT happy about it
Sunday - Family dins

but it’s your idea so how do you propose that works?

I’m glad Sepultura are still releasing music.

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