Friday the Last of April

Good morning DiS. Had a gorgeous sunrise drive home the day.

Off to bed then an early start to the weekend. Might go cycling up the forestry this afternoon. What does your day have in store? Tell all here.



Wearing my new dress, going to work, smashing it out, home for pizza and wine and gardeners world.


Morning Ella, morning Slicky. I start work in 12 minutes then knock off at 3.30 for until Tuesday. (On the other hand, I’ve not had two days off in a row for a fortnight, so I’ve earned this.)
The Southbank Centre food market’s reopening this weekend - steak and chips! chicken biryani! the greatest Chelsea buns I’ve ever eaten! craft beer! - so I’ll be down there at some point. Probably not tonight though - it’ll be busier than I feel comfortable with at the moment.



Got an(other) assessment for work this morning, then we’re meant to be going for a couple of beers this afternoon.

Hopefully they’ve got some good heaters outside the pub!

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Going to pick up my newly assembled bike at some point later and ride it home. Hopefully I don’t end up in the river, but it’s been a while.

Otherwise, avoiding doing work, eating biscuits, etc


Morning all, and a very pleasant morning it is here too! Got a standard day of bobbing about running errands, doing work etc. I thi k there’s something important I was supposed to do but I can’t recall it right now so I’m sure it’s nothing major.

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Morning friends,

Grappling with a moral dilemma.
:open_book: I tried to renew a couple of library books and wasn’t able to renew one of them because it’s been reserved by someone else

I don’t mind being fined for keeping it for another week while I read it but feels a bit selfish if someone is waiting for it…
I’m taking some books I’ve finished back to the library today.

  • Take it back to the library today, borrow it again in a few months
  • Start reading it now and take it back after you’ve read it

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You’ll be fine. It’s like riding a bike.



Day off work

Having coffee, will do a bike and potter about then meeting a couple of peeps for a beer later

I’m sure there’s more I need to do but I’ve forgotten

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Morning all!

I heard a DJ Khaled song on the radio this morning where I didn’t hear him say his name once.

I’m teaching a class on poetry and probably doing some admissions things at work this morning. I wasn’t planning to work this afternoon but I might end up doing it because I’m not back until Tuesday.

I was planning to go to the gym for the first time since December but I’m playing football tomorrow so probably won’t. We’ve got an awesome breakfast for tea meal planned tonight involving eggs, avocado, halloumi and sourdough.


My day -

Morning walk round the park :white_check_mark:
Work - meetings
Pizza for lunch
Workout if I cba
Food prep for tomorrow
Watch a film or some Buffy and Angel

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This should be April SERIOUS day to counter all that tomfoolery at the start of the month.

Everybody is incredibly sincere and straightforward with each other and when people say “oh thank you” you should “APRIL SERIOUS!” in their face.

Should… but WON’T.


Feeling a bit bleugh this morning but it’s my last work day for two weeks! Get the ever loving fuck in!

Going down to Cornwall next Friday for a week that was postponed from this time last year, just cannot wait to get some lungfuls of sea air and just to see different scenery for the first time in 14 months! :grinning:

Oh, and I’m booked in for my second covid jab tomorrow morning :+1:


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Do you know what your most popular day in this series was? I’m interested to know what else was going on in the world that day.

Gotta go and pick someone’s work equipment up in a bit from their house after they were sacked this week.
They’ve only asked me to go because it’s all gone badly and I’m big and the guy who was meant to pick it up wouldn’t go on his own


Landlady is coming over soon to sign off an inspection to change her mortgage or something (should I be worried that in actual fact she’s selling and just lying to me about the mortgage rate or something changing, idk?). Not meant to have a cat so I’ve hid the enormous cat tower under a pile of laundry, got his litter tray under my bed, his food under pillows, his bowl under the sofa, now I just need the little douchebag to not start yowling at the window to come in when she’s here. He will absolutely let me down.

Got so many stupid forms to fill in today for awards ceremonies, cba, but I can’t put it off any longer. Waaaaa.

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The sun is shining here which is nice as it was a rather dull/drizzly day yesterday. Bloody cold though! Unfortunately the problamatic landfill (currently in UK news) which is about 2 miles away from me is quite pungent up here today, even in the house so i have multiple incense sticks burning…:confused:

Today is another WFH day before the long weekend, mostly admin heavy - no external meetings so should be able coast through with music and coffee to the weekend. Going to have takeaway for tea tonight and looking forward to a lie in tomorrow :smiley:

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This one:

You had halloumi burgers for tea.