Friday the Last of April

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Do you know what your most popular day in this series was? I’m interested to know what else was going on in the world that day.

Gotta go and pick someone’s work equipment up in a bit from their house after they were sacked this week.
They’ve only asked me to go because it’s all gone badly and I’m big and the guy who was meant to pick it up wouldn’t go on his own


Landlady is coming over soon to sign off an inspection to change her mortgage or something (should I be worried that in actual fact she’s selling and just lying to me about the mortgage rate or something changing, idk?). Not meant to have a cat so I’ve hid the enormous cat tower under a pile of laundry, got his litter tray under my bed, his food under pillows, his bowl under the sofa, now I just need the little douchebag to not start yowling at the window to come in when she’s here. He will absolutely let me down.

Got so many stupid forms to fill in today for awards ceremonies, cba, but I can’t put it off any longer. Waaaaa.

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The sun is shining here which is nice as it was a rather dull/drizzly day yesterday. Bloody cold though! Unfortunately the problamatic landfill (currently in UK news) which is about 2 miles away from me is quite pungent up here today, even in the house so i have multiple incense sticks burning…:confused:

Today is another WFH day before the long weekend, mostly admin heavy - no external meetings so should be able coast through with music and coffee to the weekend. Going to have takeaway for tea tonight and looking forward to a lie in tomorrow :smiley:

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This one:

You had halloumi burgers for tea.


Good morning!
Not sure what we’ll do today but it won’t be work!
Here is some sunset to counter Ella’s sunrise



Morning all :wave:

Today is (all being well) the last day of having builders in the house! To be fair, they’ve been really lovely, and have tackled the challenges of working on my old, decrepit house with good humour. It’ll be nice to have a dining room and living room again though.

Gonna have a takeaway tonight I think. Not sure whether to go Indian or Thai.

I will also have pizza for lunch: “ultra thin Italian mozzarella & basil pesto pizza” according to the box.

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3 Pizza mentions before 10,am, DiS has got that Friday feeling


Today, I will be starting a snooker-themed Selfie thread. It may turn into a shambles

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Morning dissington word of adventures.

Feeling a bit shit after the old covid vaccine ngl. Just aches and headache mainly but you know when you see a seal roll over? That was me getting out of bed to go to the loo in the night.

Just had two bottles of water in an attempt to counteract. Will probably not do a bike today.

Ella those pics are stunning mate.

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Obviously, he’s hanging off the window frame trying to claw his way through the glass and screaming.


Your landlady is never going to believe he isn’t yours so you need to take this to the next level: “What cat?”


I like this


Double pay day, but it comes at a cost. Double work day. #killmenow



I did the school run this morning and came back the scenic route, which was nice:

Might go out for a pub lunch today, just because we can


double payday :money_mouth_face: i might even order some extra olives with my pizza later.