Friday the Last of April

First day of a 4 day weekend for me. Had an extra hour in bed and scrambled eggs and bacon on toast for breakfast. Going to go for a walk in a little while and probably pop into town for a few bits (maybe even a pint?) on the way back. This does involve disturbing the cat who’s currently sleeping on me, mind.

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I’m on the net and I’m feeling gre(a)t

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You are deep in my territory here :grinning:

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Never understood why they didn’t do a mural of Bart on this house (note for non locals it’s on Hartington Road)

I’ve never seen it. Should I?

  • Watch it
  • Nah

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Maybe the graffiti artist could only do Homer? I think it’s the same guy who did the houses on Viaduct Road too though, so they’ve obviously got a bit of a range?

There are a few on upper Lewes Road top- I always assumed they are owned by the same (evil) landlord

Yeah, it’s basically a ploy to make the house popular with students (although with a shortage of property in Brighton I’d have thought you wouldn’t need gimmicks)

Just come to the realisation that the Doobie Brothers are really good.


Today’s pizza means I will have eaten pizza 5 days out of the last 6.


Todays lack of pizza will mean its 9 days without pizza for me #pizzastats

She met him, he was yowling at the top of his voice the entire time she was here, we went in the garden and I just pretended like he’s an annoying neighbourhood cat and she was totally slagging him off, lol, now she’s gone he’s gone totally mute and is nowhere to be seen. What a massive dickhead is he.


Always enjoy the bit after an exam where you sit around discussing all the questions you got wrong…


Just on a conference call and someone used the word “schmuck”. Haven’t heard this (outside of the context of a 90s PG-rated film) for quite some time.


Great day!

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going to have a cold glass of irn bru



Salted or unsalted?


unsalted as it’s still morning


Our old cat used to do that, little pain in the arse! Our landlord at the time passionately hated cats which meant it was sort of tricky when he tried to jump in through the (closed) kitchen window

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