Friday (the one before the 13th) Evening Thread

Alright DiS,

What are your plans for tonight?

Stopping in as got a a busy-ish week, next week that I need all my money for. Flatmate has asked me to pick a film, too much pressure, either gonna go with Bone Tomahawk (and trust @WizardLizard) or There will be blood.


That’s about it, my man!

Type of burgers?

Just had to call the police to stop someone getting run over. Bit shaken tbh. Thankfully they got there eventually


Ah sounds awful, hope yet alright.

From brewdog?


Sorry! They have a burger by that exact name, it’s fairly good.

Evening. Got nothing on this weekend, if I don’t get called into work I might go shopping or just for a walk somewhere with nice trees.

Got some gnocchi for dinner, thinking about nipping out and getting a couple of beers from the shop.

Bone Tomahawk!

I’m going to EMA at Broadcast later.

Ate these butternut squash pasties for dinner:


I’m in a hostel in Azerbaijan trying to get my Turkish visa printed, I’m fucked off moonshine
It’s all a bit mental :slight_smile:


Yesssss Ruffdawg! Good man!

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Just got back from a residential week with my class. Will be asleep in approx 30 mins. Absolutely fucking knackered

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Just did an online assessment for a job I do not want but I desperately need. Going to crack a beer now, listen to ‘My Father My King’ very loudly and then I’ll buy crisps before watching Ireland play Moldova.

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Series 1 of GBBO is on right now - it all looks so dated!

Going into London for shabs. Feels so lame.

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on brand

Eating a very unhealthy salad I threw together with chorizo, mushrooms, cheese and stuff. Not drinking, gonna watch the Ireland match and then maybe the original Blade Runner.

Thought you may have been in Georgia to see wales