Friday the twentieth of July twenty eighteen

Morning, at work early cos I’m going to a stag do for my nice friend this weekend. Hbu?

That makes it sound like I only have one nice friend. Not true, I have about 3.


lovely ride in this morning.

torn rotator cuff still giving me gyp

friends surprise birthday party tomorrow. Didn’t know these happened in real life??

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On a bus to carnoustie full of my colleagues and clients and cans of m&s cocktails. Been up since 4.45. No food yet. It’s pissing it down. I’m wearing white trousers and I’m still not sure that my epimers have quite resolved yet. Long day ahead.





feeling self-conscious about going to the dentist this morning

I’ve never heard of anyone irl having one

You’ll be right mate, promise. x

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So many work calls…
Seeing my rheumatologist for an osteoarthritis check-up. How is this my life at 30?
New album out on the label so it’s all good.

Mrs Z organised a few surprise birthday meals for me in recent years; unfortunately they tended to mean very unusual post work routines so i tended to clock what was going on. Really appreciate her effort though.

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if soaps/sitcoms have taught me anything, he’ll enter the room in a really bad mood/having just murdered someone/with the person he’s having an affair with or similar

“we have a booking at a place that doesn’t take booking for less than 8 people you say? And we have to kill an hour and a half of time before eating which we never ever do after work? Okay, that totally makes sense.”

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ATT is being a bit modest here - it’s only his very own latest album!

It’s a splendid piece of work and you should all listen to it immediately. Like, now. Get to it.



NGL, it bangs. ‘The Ends of Invention’ is the sound of summer.

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i keep reading this in the style of the “it’s 106 miles to Chicago” bit from blues brothers


looking forward to giving this a spin later :slight_smile:


Hey @Twinkletoes, if you ever tour with a backing band, you should call them “The North”!

This has been your Canterbury Prog joke.

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Colleague just said Dr Beats. He meant Dr Dre, going to call him that from now on.


:laughing: that’s amazing!

I have participated in several surprise birthday parties and had also had one thrown for me for my 21st birthday. They do exist!

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