Friday the twentieth of July twenty eighteen

You’ll be okay Bammers!

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Morning :wave:

Glad it’s friday as it’s been a busy week.

What’s everyone up to at the weekend?

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Off to the Yorkshire Dales tonight as a few of us are doing the Three Peaks tomorrow. Haven’t done any training, sure it’ll be fine as long as I have loads of snacks.


Morning all! Slow day in work today hopefully. Have to go and feed a friend’s cats after work, so will get pictures for the cat thread.

Main thing happening this weekend is my GF meeting my parents. She’s nervous, my Mam is nervous, I’m oddly calm.

We did one for my mate Richy’s 50th. He thought he was just going for a drink with a couple of friends, but it was pretty much everyone he knew with a hired room and DJs all night.


Arrived at work at 8am. It’s now 9.10am and there is still nothing for me to do.

Morning all! It’s Friday!

Went to a great gig last night (Projector - give them a listen, they’re great) which reminded me that I really should get out and listen to more live music. I’ve been staying in far too much these days. I took a squillion pics - hopefully there’s some good ones in there.

(and before people moan about people who spend the whole gig taking photos, that’s what I was there for, and I was shooting on my DSLR not on my phone)

I’ve started the day with a hyperactive child and an argument with Scottish Power.

I need MEAT drinks.


Kendal mint cake and you’ll be fine



Here’s Mike when we passed through Kendal on LEJOG


Mike knows

Post-holiday blues this morning.
Going to spend the rest of the day thinking of an excuse to not go on a stag do tomorrow

See!? That is literally all photography is!

morning. up early and did a gym so that i can go out to play with the dissers tonight.

it has broken me. just want to go to sleep.

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It’s tramlines weekend which used to be really fun but is now a complete mess. Think there’s some interesting fringe stuff going on for free. Bedside tables have arrived so need to build them at some point.

And how many key presses does a composer make before they end up with the finished tune? And how many words does a writer write then replace with something else?

You’d have a point if it was landscape photography, where you get to compose the photo and nothing’s changing - the light isn’t changing, and nothing in the landscape is moving.

With gig photography the light is constantly changing, the subject of the photos is moving about - you can’t control if they’re squinting or making a funny face with their mouth.

So if what you count as a “good” photo is one that’s only exposed correctly, then yeah, I’ll have loads of those. But if I want the photos where the elements I can’t control have all lined up, then no, I won’t have so many of those because I’m not a magician and because it was a gig not a photo shoot.



you literally just said you shoot hundreds of pics and hope a few are good.

Yes, and then I explained that there are so many elements that I can’t control while I’m shooting. Or do you think I should be able to control or predict all those elements somehow?

Day started great with my mum in a mood with me (and therefore in a bit of a mood with R) over complications to the plans to avoid my ex knowing I am going on holiday.

Need to ignore that stuff now though so I can get on with enjoying going away. Meeting my awesome friend in a few hours and then training it down to the seaside :beach_umbrella: :grinning:


I can’t believe you’re engaging with me! :slight_smile: Just ignore the troll!