Friday, then

It’s Friday.

With anyluck I’ll see elthamsmateowensband tonight.

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Alright dj luck & mc neat.


Do they still cover Santana? Even after you-know-what?

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Morning Theo, assorted DiSers.

WFH, which is a sure sign of a productive Friday…

Today marks 10 (or, for Theo, 1010) years since I drunkenly hooked up with my (now) wife. We will be celebrating by going out for dinner :couple_with_heart:


Did you actually attempt to allign your profile pic. I’m still not entirely happy with it :thinking:

Mmm, Dinner…

I just did, like 5 minutes ago. I measured the fucker. What isn’t right now?

This isn’t the worst pictures of you as a student thread…




Need to cancel a meeting this morning because I just plain forgot to prepare for it and it isn’t something I can blag my way through. Whoops.

No plans for the weekend beyond starting a new campaign in a Lovecraft-themed card game with hybrid RPG elements, obviously.

Going to book Monday off as holiday, I think.

Tell us more of this card game.

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Bad colds going around. Stay well, DB

It’s the Arkham Horror Card Game. It’s basically Chthulu Netrunner, if Netrunner was cooperative, Mythos-themed and had an ongoing narrative campaign with story elements and XP gains that you spend on buying better cards for your deck.

Queen bee over Satana

(Although he has now apologised)

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Morning all

Came joint first in the pub quiz last night then the cheeky bastards on the other team used their phones to get the tie-breaker question right. I managed to win us a bonus point for noticing the link between all the bands in the music round so I felt pretty smug about that.

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Congratulations! Have a ruddy good time :heart::heart:

I’ve responded as “Maybe” for my gf’s birthday party in my own home next month. Let’s see if she notices.

wot am i like lol


Still in bed aren’t I.

Need to do the last bits of packing so should probably get up shouldn’t I


Cheeky beans on toast for breakfast?

good morning internet pals. not much going on today. was supposed to be going out for a certain verbose ex-disers birthday tonight but still feel like crap and am on antibiotics so can’t make it. bugger all happening as usual.

swear to god if i don’t hear about some work next week i’m just gonna go and work in mcdonalds or something.