Friday thread 20/3/20

I’m up early for work. How are you?

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Morning Froglet.

Dropping the kids at school, then wfh. Then most of the weekend working out how to balance keeping the kids off school but away from their grandparents next week and making sure work gets done.

Small fry in the grand scheme of things and in comparison to many / most.

Will need to get out for a long walk later, can feel myself going slightly mad.

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Had a dream about being in a relationship with a minor celebrity and now I’m seeing them in a whole new light. Didn’t even get to the sexy bits.


Victoria’s missive at the start of the week was they aren’t closing schools.

Now our daughter’s school ramping up for closure :grimacing:

Have you told @ma0sm already?

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Had a lot of recurring nightmares about death, dying, being chased/murdered so have woken up feeling even more anxious than usual. My eating and sleeping have been massively affected and I honestly can’t wait to just binge drink tonight to feel something different.

In some very small positive news I overheard a Hungarian parent saying bye to her child and instead of saying “have a good day” she says " have a happy day" so
“HAVE A HAPPY DAY!” in any way that you can in these bleak and dark times x


Big delivery this morning. Shop needs it. Still worried, as per in these bleak days.

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Off to work shortly. Who knows what today’s gonna bring, hopefully a lunch break for the first time in a week.

First day back after a very odd ‘holiday’ (which was a cancelled flight and so just a handful of days off work with the area beyond our flat slowly more and more restricted).

Rearranged the flat last night for my girlfriend and I to work from home, and going in this morning to get my computer, a decent chair and essential files. I can see myself going a bit cleaning mad over the next couple of weeks and really need to find a way to get some exercise in.

Will be celebrating the end of today with a bottle of wine. Best of luck and thanks to all the teachers and the rest of you doing important work.

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Morning all!

Slept on the floor as a result of The Child refusing to settle after 10.30. Did not sleep well.

Been awake since 6.15 due to the presence of the aforementioned child. I’ve eaten toast with Malteaser spread and had one coffee.

Might need to go into work to pick up a laptop and headphones so I can call students through Skype.

Need to deal with a flood of essay drafts that have become double important since yesterday.

Today is going to last about six years.

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Morning all, it’s blowing a bit of a gale where I am.

Got a few Skype calls with work to do and then probably actually some work but had a lazy day yesterday so that’s alright.

Hope you’re all feeling ok and staying well :hugs:

Had a dream I was wearing my pink sun hat and then it poured down and people were telling me I was brave for wearing a sunhat in a torrential downpour. Gonna look this up on Dream Meanings.

Going for a pre-work dog walk in the big park with my housemate. Don’t like the dog but she was very well behaved in her room yesterday when housemate went out.

Having a takeaway with my fam this eve for Mother’s Day instead of the restaurant meal we had planned.

Do you have E and J at all over the weekend?


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Went for a run. I stopped for ages (again), since I started again the other week this is the first one where I’ve not felt like a total sack of potatoes. Just a half sack of potatoes. Anyway feels doubly important to do some now, so.

Wfh, don’t think I have a whole lot to do today. Need to finish a presentation I’m giving at our team meeting.

Girlfriend is coming later to stay for the weekend. Might be the last time I see her for a while :grimacing:

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day.


Happy first day of Spring, everybody. :sun_with_face: :earth_africa:




Little bit hungover. Little bit teary.

(early draft of Mambo No. 5 etc etc)


Morning all,

The new normal seems to be waking up at half six completely knackered.

Pretty well prepped for the time being here, but I do need to go to Waitrose briefly to pick up new earphones to replace the ones I washed yesterday.

Low level gut anxiety is less than yesterday, but still not great and frustratingly it’s not about any specific aspect of our new normal, it’s just there.

Never mind.