Friday thread. Colinzealuk knows the value of a clever title


What is UP babies?

Tell me one good thing, no bad.

  • after today a shit ton of stress will be over at work. I am doggedly HYPED





Disintegration State release day!

Joint Stag/Hen do for my best friend and his upcoming wife this weekend.

That’s two good things, sorry.


Stag/hen might end up shit tbf




I think I have a cold AND hayfever.


Saving time by getting them both done at once. I like it!



Off to Corbs to play some boardgames


Still a bit sick so having a lempsip


Bad is I’m afraid denied. Let’s say you just love a lemsip in general


if this was the honey and ginger one then fuck yeah but sadly it’s plain old sickly lemon





Its a lovely day here!

still on the standard wfh/ builders/ showering at the neighbour’s routine. Looking forward to when I can get back to normal


I barely slept. Having professional photo taken today.


PUB to watch WORLD CUP!!!

Just got to write loads of letters/minutes first. Great.


Playing D&D tonight.


I’m so clever!


Well duh!




Hi ZyLow et al. Going to see my Mauritian pal tonight and she’s cooking us dinner. She makes these aubergine fritters that are :drooling_face: Spending the rest of the weekend in Hampton with the pa-in-law for pa’s(in-law) day. There will be BBBQ.

Edit: this is 2 positive things but I can fuck up the BBBQ, knock it over, drop some sozzers in the coals etc if that will appease you?