Friday thread feat. 2 good 2 bad

Morning! It’s Friday!! How are you doing?

Let’s play 2 good, 2 bad

:metal:I have today off!
:-1: Woken up by the car at 7am.

:metal: I’m going to get a BBQ today!
:-1: Managed to get myself a parking ticket last night which is infuriating.

hbu? Hope you all have a swell day, folks.


I am awake and my body/mind doesn’t like it.

:+1:vaccine day cause I am oooollllddd
:+1:half day at work

:-1:pish weather all weekend
:-1:professional photographer coming round tomorrow and I am shite at smiling for photos


:call_me_hand: heard the owl when I woke up in the night
:call_me_hand:erm, idk, maybe I’ll have a long walk at some point today

:-1: got my appraisal today, can’t see it being that good given furlough etc plus I’ve amazed to avoid an sort of appraisal process for…15 years so I’m gutted to be on a team where we actually do them
:-1: have to have a very depressing day food-wise to make up for having a Chinese last night


:star: it’s Friday
:star: I’ve just put some bread on

:skull_and_crossbones: Weather looks shite this weekend and I have zero plans
:skull_and_crossbones: Lost all motivation to ride my bicycle

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:heart_eyes: I am going on an 8-day cycling and walking holiday this afternoon (from a remote part of Scotland to a slightly less remote part of Scotland then an even more remote part of Scotland)

:heart_eyes: I also get to visit mainland supermarkets and an honest to god craft wanker bottle shop :beers:

(Bonus :heart_eyes: a tall frosty pint of Pfizer will be waiting for me when I get back from hols)

:sob: only got 5.5 hours sleep last night so pretty knackered

:sob: 6.75 hours of work left before holidays and it’s going to be a busy shift


:+1: it’s Friday!
:+1: I get to go and pick up the new Jenny Hval album at lunchtime

:-1: the weather looks a bit pony all weekend
:-1: my favourite trainers are probably only one or two trips away from wearing through


Good morning all :wave:

:smiley: I’m making Chicken Berry Britannia tonight, which is always a treat
:smiley: I don’t have any meetings today, so it should be a decent enough working day
:sob: another vote for Davidoff Shit Weather
:sob: our rough sleeper ‘street count’ was a lot higher than I’d hoped, which probably means I’ll get a load of shit from my seniors


:frowning: It’s my Monday
:grinning: applied for a job i really want and have a strong chance of getting

:frowning: paid loads of bills yesterday and it’s a long way till payday
:grinning: :man_shrugging:


:pensive: trip to camber is cancelled because the rain has been relentless all night
:relaxed: I like being down here regardless and I have lots of chocolate

:pensive: up super early for some reason
:relaxed: Might sneak a bit of that chocolate while everyone else is asleep


The cuckoo nesting near my house has been singing in the mornings a lot this week. Makes early starts a little more bearable :blush:


:white_check_mark: its eid
:white_check_mark: my sister had surgery and is doing well
:negative_squared_cross_mark: cw: death in Palestine


just saw the photos on twitter of the dead, heavily mutilated children killed by Israel that others had alluded to and honestly, I’m just numb?? The comments underneath were so disgusting too, basically saying this is what Muslims and Palestinians deserve, being like “so? Hamas started it” which is so fucking insidious because its the misinformation and deliberate play of words that western media employ to paint Palestinians as terrorists and the IDF as a reactionary force when its Israel that invaded and continues to displace Palestinians with billions and billionas from the US and elsewhere behind them, it is a completely unbalanced fight. The comments have really upset me, the fact that this has happened to those children and they’ll just talk like that, I never wish ill on others but I’m close :sob: Palestinians are being dehumanised and it’s so sad, as a Muslim black African the only time I ever see photos like this are always of black bodies, African bodies, Muslim bodies, and you can just see the lack of humanity given, the pain that their groupalso have endured while still being looked down on by the world.

:negative_squared_cross_mark: I have a cold, feel like pure shit


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

Greetings from Hoogy HQ



It’s Friday is good thing
And I’m making pizza

But fuck me, why hasn’t the dough risen as much as normal? It’s not THAT cold and frankly everything was the same as normal. Dammit.
And I’ve not really got much work done :frowning:


Morning all.
:-1: I’ve been at work for half an hour already
:-1: Terrible night’s sleep
:+1: Ten whole days off in seven-and-a-half hours’ time
:+1: Off to the gym then the Southbank Centre food market for ale and scran.


I’m struggling with what to say, I want to comfort you, my friend, but words seem futile x
Sending you so much love :heart:
Hope your cold clears up and you feel better soon x


:heart_eyes: going out for lunch for a friend’s birthday
:hot_face: lunch is outdoors and very cold

:heart_eyes: cook-at-home biryani from Gunpowder will be delivered today
:hot_face: that’s for dinner tomorrow, tonight it’s cauliflower surprise

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:+1: Seem to be free of side effects after my 2nd Pfizer yesterday
:+1: It’s going to be dry today

:-1: Have to wait in for a parcel this morning so can’t take advantage of the dry weather
:-1: Have to go driving backwards and forwards across Birmingham at 3pm


Morning all!

:+1: Caught up with a load of work yesterday that means I shouldn’t have to work too hard today.

:+1: I’m playing football tonight.

:-1: I do still have work to do and it might impact on my computer games time this afternoon.

:-1: Next week is probably going to be hard work.

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:tada: almost the weekend once more
:pleading_face: not had a very productive week so loads to do

:tada: celebrant confirmed so we can get married in September
:pleading_face: feeling awful with period cramps and exhaustion