Friday thread, feat a mystery room

Assumed last bit was a given

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Top half: Business
Bottom half: Sock and sandals.

Le Pantsoi

Can you get eczema in your ear? Think I’ve got eczema in my ear




(@guntrip depends on how you pronounce it…)

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Forgot my evening meds yesterday so sleep was of a poor quality and small amount. Now I have hiccups that are making me feel like I’m going to puke. Can I just admit defeat and go back to bed already?

Shirt and tie

Yes but make sure you lay on your left side so it reduces acid from escaping and making your hiccups worse

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The cat has has stopped acknowledging me when I pass her in the morning, choosing instead to walk straight past and get onto the exact patch of the bed I have just vacated. I fucking hate that cat.


Got too much to do today, tell me to fuck off if I’m posting on here. You can do a test run now if you like.

Fuck off

Best of luck with the interview!

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Thanks pal

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Day down to Lewes:

Walk with the dogs on the South Downs!
Record shopping!
Ridiculously massive veggie burger pub lunch!


Travelling back home today. Wife isn’t feeling well (wonder why eh?). Train and Eurostar will likely be packed with Utd fans. Urgh. Was gonna go to Cantillon but if she’s not feeling well/hungover, don’t really feel good dragging her round a brewer of beers she hates.

Off down to Southampton for the weekend to stay at my auntie and uncles, they good people, should be nice. Going to see Southampton vs. Villa tomorrow, heading to Monkey World on Sunday and seeing Cheryl Hole when I’m back in Bristol. Fun weekend ahead!


Morning lads.

After a rather brutal start to my day (see upthread) i have the day off! Going to the Tate later on and then had completely forgotten but am also going to see a musical tonight.

Hope everyone has excellent days x

I got the reference, even if nobody else did


Don’t forget to stock up on Harveys too!