Friday thread for all your Friday needs.

Not got anything to say really, just don’t like there not being a daily thread so late.

Friday? Friday.

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Just carried the drip tray from the defrosted work fridge to the sink to empty it out.

Obviously split it all over the floor.



Some top quality cows on the way to work this morning


Hi sweetie!

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I really like cows.


Back to work. It’s raining so it’s going to be all busy and that. Got loads to do as well. Might pretend to feint or something and go home.

Cows are nice aren’t they. Except when they’re chasing you across a field of course.
Going to see Kowloon Walled City tonight. And I think that rhymes with Cow.


Today is going to be extremely trying. Cant wait to inhale some beer and pizza and hopefully pass out before 10pm.

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Walked from Euston to a meeting at Chancery Lane, sweaty as fuck! Deloitte though, so proper coffee and pastries :+1:


Today is going to be extremely trying. Can’t wait to inhale some beer and chicken and hopefully pass out before 8pm.

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Having to fight to squeeze in the door of an overground train even though the middle of every carriage is empty. Standard.

Morning. Enjoyed Chris Packham on the radio this morning talking about Painted Lady butterflies that fly 12,000km every year from Africa to the Arctic Circle and back :astonished:. That’s commitment.

Anyway, every 10 years loads more than normal come to Europe and Chris wants us to count them. How hard can it be?

This is what they look like:


More here:

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I’m not feeling great. I went horse racing last night, I had two winners which covered my other bets and my ticket to get in. Which was good fun

However drinking 5 pints on a work night wasn’t the best of ideas, especially as I didn’t eat much and I’m a lightweight nowadays

I woke up at 3 feeling pretty ropey and I didn’t really get back to sleep.

Skipped breakfast and left the car at home, I don’t think I’d be over the limit but I’d rather play it safe.

Last night my boss informed me we’ve got quality auditors coming in today, normally he warns us but he didn’t tell me as he reckons my stuff is always fine. But still, that probably didn’t help my lack of sleep.

To top it off the train in front broke down at Purley so I’m running late.

Dear Weather,

Fuck off

Yours sincerely,


I got up earlyish to do some writing-y stuff. I have also started my own personal Labradford listening club

partly bc shit weather warrants Labradford droniness


Why does that day strike me as important?


I’m in bed

I quite like photos of cows, but not being near them. Something about their sheer size and how incredibly stupid they seem to be.

Wfh today. Gonna listen to the Magnetic Fields loads I think. Was all looking forward to a lazy day but I’ve suddenly been given loads of new work to do, what fresh hell is this

Knocking off early tho to go for an early dinner (pizza obvs) and then to see Advance Base :smiley: