FRIDAY THREAD (ft Weekend Plans)


Hi all

How are you? I was feeling pretty ropy when I woke up but I’m gradually getting over it. The sun is shining and the weekend is nearly here. And we came second in the quiz last night.

Plans for the weekend? Other than FENINO I’ve not got much planned. Oh and getting things ready for going on holiday :sunny: :beach:


Felt ropey as fuck last night, pretty much went straight to bed when I got in from work.

Feel okay now but a cough is materialising.

Weekend plans:

Tonight: I need to pick up the keys to the flat! I’M A HOMEOWNER (jfc)!

Tomorrow: 3 builders coming round, might get some paint samples (what’s a good colour scheme for a bedroom? a living room? WHAT SHALL WE DO WITH THE FLOOR?). also six nations, thank god we’ve bought somewhere next to the nicest pub in London (probably)

Sunday: hopefully bike ride, then house stuff. Need to start packing up the old place.


Morning ccb!

I made a snap decision yesterday to take this afternoon off so I’m going to head home at midday and take my wife out for lunch. May go see T2 at the cinema if she’s game.

Saturday: heading back to see my father-in-law. We bought him a Curzon membership at Chrimbus so he’s taking us to see Jackie in Richmond tomorrow. Absolutely love that cinema.



Got the house to myself this evening, so will probably listen to Eye of the Tiger on loop while sleeving up my cards and deciding which playmat is most intimidating, because…

Netrunner tournament tomorrow morning. Probably going to go with Milton Keynes over Chatteris. Then…


Will probably spend Sunday being a bit hungover and not doing very much.


As soon as 5:30 rolls around I’m in the pub. Will front-load and get an early night so I can take the dog on a long, long walk tomorrow before lunch with my brother, tactical snooze and then my very first FENINO. Be gentle.


Presumably the Survivor version and not this?


Both excellent choices.


Hope you like Calypso Bombs.


Me and a friend have decided to start a surf-goth band, first practice on Sunday


I have no idea what a calypso bomb is but I’ve a feeling my toilet will be finding out on Sunday morning.


^Calypso Bombs is an ex-DiSer.


Got Bill Callahan tickets!
Leftover curry for breakfast - the sweetest vice
first post-injury run at lunch
Dinner out then Cirque Du Fackin’ Soleil tonight (anyone ever been before)

Mikkeller beer run
Footy (watching)

Footy (playing)
Big run

decent weekend/10


I have a cold that is not clearing up at all. Nowt worse than spending days off ill but at least it’s only mild ill, looks like I’ll be having a quiet weekend of videogames and House of Cards.

That said, beers cure colds in the short term but make the cold worse in the long term. Very tempting to have a few bevvies tomorrow night and see what happens, but that sounds like a pretty stupid idea.


Yes indeed.


What day are you going to hoogs? I’m on the friday night so may make a weekend of it if there’s a DiS game on the saturday/sunday


Thursday. No DiS game planned for that weekend, but it’s still a long time away.


I need some copic markers so that’s my quest tomorrow but they’re surprisingly hard to find in physical shops at a reasonable price (1.80ish per pen) one shop is selling them for a fiver each kmt

Also my failed diy project from last week might get a revival if I find the rightime materials


I favour a skip in the street.

See if you can do better than me on my first Fenino.



Got a big fat cup of coffee and I’m feeling not too bad thanks.

Tonight: Going to see Trainspotting 2, I’m not feeling hopeful but I think it’ll be quite cool seeing so much of Edinburgh and knowing where everything is now. When I first saw Trainspotting I presumed it was set in Glasgow :wink:

Saturday: Early gym class then a daunder into town for coffee. Later on me and a bunch of bananas are going to drink lots of whisky and talk about why it is good and why we like it (because it is tasty) before passing out in the early hours.

Sunday: I highly suspect I’ll feel like shit so will probably suggest we drink more coffee and play computer games all evening before making something fat for dinner. Weekend DONE!

Hope you have lots of lols (and calypso bombs, I think) at Fenino!!


Tonight: Nothing.

Tomorrow: Washing the cars, finding other bits and bobs that keep me out of the house so Mrs Fox can revise for her QTS maths test thingybob. Going to a Mexican/South American cantina type doodah for dinner and drinks tomorrow night.

Sunday: Going to see my mom and dad for lunch.