Friday thread of fog


Morning all. How are you?

It’s looking properly eerie out in the Fens this morning. I do love the fog though: it’s probably my favourite weather condition (other than warm sunshine of course).

How are things going with you? Are you in work? Is DiS helping you to remember what day it is in the fug of the bit between Christmas and New Year? Tell me all about your plans for the day.


On my way to work. Didn’t cycle because it was really icy yesterday but today looks fine actually goddamn it.

Just went to pick up my other Secret Santa package from the sorting office and I’m itching to open it.

Will finish at 3pm today. No plans because I’m boring. Been sleeping terribly recently so probably just home and snooze.


Not up to much today except hanging out with pals. I think I’ve got the flat to myself later :thumbsup:

I also love the fog, except when driving. I think my favourite weather is bright sunshine, blue skies and bitterly cold tho.



Anyone else having functionality issues on Chrome? @Sean ???


I say - open it as soon as you can!


Think I need scissors.

Hurry up H+C Line!!!


Flying back to Edinburgh in half an hour :hushed:

Any idea on the weather?


Gnaw it open with your teeth!


fao of @Epimer short circuit is on bbc2 right now


Morning all!

No daytime plans aside from some admin and Fallout but I’m going to my colleague’s 50th birthday party later.





Where are you? There’s frost on the ground here!


i just had huel for breakfast, it is absolutely vile


I don’t know what that is but it sounds delicious.


Hamburg (also frost) but I’m looking at central scotland where it’s 10!


East Anglia is like this: #nofilter


Pretty much as I remember it


The hangover walks with me.