Friday thread of warmth and good cheer 😊

Good morning all :wave:

It’s absolutely foul outside in PE30 - sleet and a driving north-easterly wind. But it’s Friday :raised_hands: How are you all?

Time for the :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face: anyway (there is definitely daylight under all this cloud)

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 06:25 17:53 11:27:40 +4:08
Brighton 06:26 17:56 11:30:06 +3:51
Glasgow 06:46 18:09 11:23:21 +4:39
Manchester 06:36 18:03 11:26:44 +4:15
The Beer Factory, Devon 06:40 18:11 11:30:46 +3:47
Newcastle 06:34 17:59 11:24:37 +4:29
Cardiff 06:38 18:08 11:29:20 +3:57
Belfast 06:51 18:17 11:25:14 +4:26

No milestones as such, but I’ve noticed that, as @rob.orch predicted, King’s Lynn has overtaken Brighton for the earliest sunrise. Hooray for the East of England!


Morning, got a Flexi day. Was lying in bed listening to someone scrape ice of their car like

Tired Season 4 GIF by The Simpsons


Up early, off down to that there London in approx 2 hours. Fingers crossed for no major rail issues!

Feel like the room I’ve booked may be kinda shit but hey, at least I confirmed I definitely have a window …


Gonna watch the last season of Luther before the new one.

And go for some me baked goods, maybe a cinnamon bun

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Woken up in a mood. Today is my Tuesday. Meh

Morning! No work today, we’ve got an appointment to give notice of our marriage then get a nice lunch somewhere :+1:


Hey up

Going in a bit late as MrS has the doctors and the dog needs someone with him. We went for a walk and it was SO COLD

Still, get Friday done and it’s all pasta, wine and asleep by 9 :relieved:

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One of my fav coffee cups is chipped :confused:


I foolishly went out drinking cocktails last night, so I’m thankful that the surfing didn’t start at 7.30, like it might have done. No decision on whether it’s even on yet or not, so I’m lazing around having a read to kill some time

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I find myself drinking coffee exclusively from a huskee cup I was given for my birthday. Unchippable and nice to hold. That’s my Friday thought.

Took me almost 3 hours to drive to Manchester lol


I’m not surprised it took so long with your boot and passenger seat door open! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Day off and about to have a float in a sensory deprivation tank. Will let you know if I tap in to any previously unknown psychic abilities.


Have fun out there everyone and have a great day.

desperately trying to get the day off so until then have to pretend to be working.

Some might enjoy this. bonkers video from a bonkers but great band. featuring the legendary kenny g.

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Slept terribly, still miserable, got some errands to run after work so can’t go straight home and start drinking. Still, Friday innit :partying_face:

LP Snr is a big fan of kenny G, in fact he maintains he discovered him. Will be sure to link him to this :slight_smile:

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Was supposed to be going to see suede later. Will probably end up having a snowy walk to the local and then get fish and chips. Which is fine too.

Morning DiS :wave:

Its been a little bit.

Snowy here,

I bundled mini up, popped her in the carrier and we went to the cafe on campus for breakfast so that was nice. Warm and cozy at home now continuing our rewatch of The Office. Needed to get out as we didnt leave the house yesterday.

My carpel tunnel in my right wrist has flared up, i expect since returning to work so need to dig out my wrist support as its v uncomfortable!

Not much else to report. Keep warm and safe all!


A bunch of OG punks are playing Lust for Life tonight in a pub near me so I’m going to go. Bit nervous about going to a show alone in a new place but hey, maybe I’ll make some friends?! :grimacing:


Is that the Glen Matlock thing? He’s a nice man, maybe he’ll be your friend.

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