Friday thread, oh yes

Good morning. It’s Friday! What’s making you happy? What are you looking forward to this weekend?

It’s a properly Lovely Day by the soul singer Bill Withers kind of day. Some photos from my journey to work:

Anyway, I hope this finds you well.


I love how you always take one of Ely Cathedral!

Last day in my job today (well, until April). Still got a few things to do but starting to feel a bit demob happy.

Shame I can’t drink until tomorrow.

Gonna take advantage of my sobriety by making croissants tonight.

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Morning ccb, I’d like to go for a walk in that top photo.

I need to find something to do in London this weekend as I was meant to be seeing Brand New tomorrow night but it turned out Jesse Lacey is human scum. We booked trains and a place to stay so we’re just gonna go anyway, any tips appreciated.

Taking today off, gonna try and get a haircut and then meeting the TV’s mum for coffee later.

Ely Cathedral always looks lovely in the morning sun. Probably one of the nicest towns / cities to arrive into by train. Can never quite do it justice though!

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Morning. Feel pretty groggy today, should have a pretty easy day though hopefully. Might have a spicy af burrito for lunch. Going out for drinks with some DiS jerks later. That’s about it.

Morning ccb.

So one of the women at work has just got engaged and set a date for early next year for am engagement party that me and another work colleague can’t make (we’ve only known her about a year) and she is saying she wants to change the date due to this.

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Ugh yeah I read about that. I hope you have a decent weekend regardless: I’ll leave the LME to give you some suggestions!

And that first pic is about five minutes walk from my house. The gate is part of the old town walls in King’s Lynn… There was some EU funding (the irony) to restore the park about ten years ago, it still looks really nice :slight_smile:

They’ve positioned the marina nicely, tbf.

Morning ccb et al. I’m working from home so I can give my full attention to the quiz thread and as a result I will remain in bed until 8:55.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone.




Oh, I initially read that as she wanted to change the date of the wedding. I guess it’s nice?

Hungover from a cocktail and two train beers :joy:

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Morning all

The day, dear reader, has started with I would class as a series of “Micro irks”.
The man behind me in the queue grabbing my cappuccino, the woman literally jumping into my lift and inconveniencing me by around 8 seconds to go 2 floors, people calling me at 7:50am when I am obviously not in THE FUCKING OFFICE DONT YOU DARE LEAVE A VOICEMAILAREYOUINSANE?1!

Gorgeous pics ccb!

I have loads to look forward to in the next week!! DiS drinks tonight, football and old work Xmas party tomorrow that all my lads are going to and not my dickhead ex manager, Manchester on Sunday til Thursday to watch my mate film Countdown. Just gonna be a 6 day sesh basically except for the bit where I have a phone interview on Monday.

Been thinking about how massively ballsy it was for Kelly Rowland’s debut solo single to be about school shootings. Great song too.


depends how much fanfare there is. if it’s a big formal thing with loads of folk, then it’s a bit weird. if it’s just a few folk going for a drink then fair enough.

Morning c_c_b and all! Lovely photos.

Day of two halves for me - working from home and doing reforecasting stuff this morning, then off this afternoon as my wife and I have been invited to a ‘Winter Gala’ that’s being organised by/for the organisation I’m moving to in January. I don’t get to dress up smart very often, so that’ll be nice. Going to have to be on decent behaviour though.

Ooft, I’ll have a listen to that when I get logged on

Yeah did a cheeky edit because it read wrong.

Nooo it’s still weird…

Legit one of my fave songs of all time. Perfect pop tune.