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Morning all. Had a grand total of about 2 hours sleep due to a bad gout flare up and there’s absolutely no way I can call in sick so I’m going to dose myself up to the eyeballs and hope for the best. Hope you all have better Fridays!


Good morning! I am hopefully going to the seaside today and I’m very excited. It’s also the big Eid today :tada: there is one short Eid (3 days) after Ramadan and the long one after Hajj (5 days) and as it is on a lunar calendar they sometimes come fairly close to one another. Also saw my fam and cats yesterday which was amazing and learned that my black and white cat hates all cats except his own brother and other cats that are black and white like him :joy: otherwise he viciously chases them away when patrolling the garden. But he’s such a sweet baby with humans, his brother and his fellow black and white pals who he sits with happily


Good morning @anon19035908 - I hope your day at work isn’t too painful :frowning: and @avocado - enjoy your day at the seaside and happy eid :slight_smile: I am up at the crack of dawn so’s I can sit on the turbo trainer for 6 hours and hopefully cycle 100 miles without ruining too much of the day. In other news, I am an idiot.


I’m glad you said this as I saw someone post about Eid yesterday and I was confused as I was sure I remembered it being a couple months ago. Thought lockdown was just messing with my head.

Happy big eid!


I think…I have a meeting free day :crossed_fingers:

Booked today off. Was hoping I didn’t wake up early but i have :man_shrugging:

Gonna use a new towel for the first time, thats exciting.


Got meetings all fucking day.

Not slept properly in weeks.

On tramadol for kidney stones.

Bank is fucking us about.

Basically fuck off everything and stuff.

Hope you feel better soon! When I can’t sleep I take night nurse, it really helps for a one off sleep though it’s good to tell the pharmacist about any health issues or the medication to make sure it doesnt clash.

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Morning. Irritatingly chirpy after a good sleep.

Heading to my friend’s house, did I mention her POOL?? :bikini::sunny::sunglasses:

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Morning ladz

You’re attempting to cycle 100 miles on a turbo? Don’t you live somewhere with lovely roads to cycle instead?

Knackered. I was so angry at the government last night that I couldn’t sleep :grinning:


Last day in the Peak District. Going to climb a ruddy big hill and eat all the sushi.

Heading up to Windermere tomorrow.


Well, the sun’s certainly got its hat on today!


One more day of work then a little weekend away :slight_smile: hooray!

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Ive actually got 4 new towels so could do a poll to see which one I use first.


Going into work again. Got. My knees out.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day