Friday thread 🎉



Half day for me as we’re off to Paris :flag_fr: to watch :eyes: the climbing :muscle: :fist: world :map: championships :trophy: (yes, that’s a thing) tomorrow .
Probs hit up the Pompidou Centre on Sunday.
What about you lovely people?



Train to work for the first time in ages, boo.

Tonight I need to :tools: my :bike: (new chain and cassette)

Tomorrow do a recce for the ride I’m leading on Sunday, maybe

Sunday: :mountain_bicyclist:

My parents are arriving at some point today so they’ll be hanging about too, hmmmm.


Off work but still gotta log onto a 3 hour call at midday. Will be revising for my exam on Monday outside of that


i feel dodgy as fuck today, my stomach feels really weird. hopefully coffee will help :expressionless: :coffee:


Mega deja vu just then. Anyway, I’m packing the flat more today, meeting another DiSser to sell a ticket and playing videogames probably.

Met up with Matt was taken and incandenza last night, that was nice.


:frowning: Fingers crossed coffee flushes the system, so to speak


Happy Friday!

Picking up suits for the wedding tomorrow. Overtime at work on Sunday as my colleague has thrown a sickie.

Had a shit night’s sleep because of various animal activity all night - Sounded like a hawk squawking at about midnight, then about an hour later some cats were fighting and then there was a fox making a racket at about 4am.

I got paid an extra £4.50 this week because our pension has changed to a salary sacrifice thing. FUCK THE MAN!

8h42 til hometime!


Hello. Think I might be the only one in the department who’s in today. Trousers aff.

Tonight I’ve got the leaving do of someone from my old firm who had an even worse time of it than I did. Got her some champagne to celebrate her having escaped that peepee soaked heck hole.

Tomorrow I’m viewing a house that looks suspiciously nice from the photos. Trying to not get my hopes up, as I’ve been burned before. Might also go to this food fair thing if the weather isn’t gash.

Sunday there’s a Netrunner tournament in Norwich that I don’t know if I can be arsed going to. No alternative plans.


woke up really early again and couldn’t get back to sleep so read and stuff :dizzy_face:

made a really good porridge this morning: oat flakes, chopped dried cranberries, dessicated coconut. add equal measure of water and microwave for 1 min 30. stir. add water if too dry. microwave for 30 seconds. stir in cold almond milk to make it delicious and creamy. hygge.




Just up, running late as fuck.
Coffee and berocca on the go. It’s nice out, a Bloody Mary would be amazing


I always enjoy getting out the chainwip - a proper tool that makes you feel like a proper bike mechanic


Get to hand my notice in today, woo. Didn’t manage it yesterday, had too much going on. Might celebrate with a beer after work.

Need to find me an osteopath, I’m not feeling right after a disagreement with gravity on Sunday. Pick up my new bike tomorrow too (for the second time, this time with the correct frame size), straight to the fitters, then my little bro nicks it for a fortnight in Spain the little turd.

I like Fridays! I like DiS xoxoxo


super wet here in Brighton

I’m working at home luckily - not really feeling it though

Feel like making some kind of slow roasted/ pulled pork thing for tea tonight. Anyone got a link to a tried and trusted recipe?

Going to go on a long bike ride on Sunday, and want to go to see the Beatles film at the cinema. Might go and see that western thing that look quite good too, but I might leave that until Monday


I have never used one! A friend put the (now knackered) cassette on my new wheels but I feel it’s time to own my own tools and do this kind of shit myself.

:muscle: :wrench: :tools:


lovely morning up here in cumbria. watched some ben and holly’s magical kingdom with my daughter before scrambled eggs, a bagel and strawberries with her, now in the office for some smashing work before a half-12 finish. quite like half-12 finishes, me.

in manchester next week. tempted to go see a movie on my own instead of sit in the hotel bar and drink. or sleep. sleep might be good. i’ve been up at 5.45am every day this week.

this weekend should be good. thinking about getting a dog walker to take care of Frank when the new baby gets here.


Drank wine last night, only going to have a glass or two, or this whole bottle. :confused:

Still, it’s Friday, I can sit in the office and lurk in forums all day.

What’s your favourite forum/website of procrastination? Need some inspiration.

Yesterdays was www.TheBookOfLife.Org

Have a good one whatever you’re doing today!


it’s worth making the investment and getting stuck in - you’ll be building bikes up from scratch in no time



The dream for me would be to have enough skillz to put an entire new groupset on.


Got woken up by a lot of :zap::cloud_lightning::thunder_cloud_rain: last night.

Not got too much on this weekend. Off to see some pals in Stevenage cos they’ve just bought a house there. I’ve heard rumours that the place is a bit of a hole, can anybody confirm?