Friday thread, Thrashing optional.

Got coffee, drank coffee, want more coffee

Yeah! According to a quick google he had a brief week at the top spot, then came back at Christmas. I only know this cause he was #1 when I was born.

Omg I want this entire outfit too. Them socks.


oh yeah thats really cool!

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I would have been about 6 at the time but I remember clear as day when he knocked Meatloaf off the top spot. I used to really like the Meatloaf video too, where he was like a monster or something.

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Does this count as optional “thrashing” as per the thread?

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fuck it YEHHHHHHH :metal:

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Just bought a tumble drier and it’s a smart appliance. Looking forward to it making me a cup of tea (not with the rank water from the clothes).


but seriously I am very much looking forward to clothes not taking three days to dry and being draped over radiators.

@laelfy did i ever show you the terrible shirt my flatmate got me for Christmas? literally no idea if i posted it or not :man_shrugging:

I ordered the big telly



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cooking course update - I bailed. did a cursory sweep of a supermarket today, and couldn’t find loads of ingredients so don’t feel too bad about myself.

offered to pay my share of da ting ofc but hoping they’ll rebuke me on that.

feels great - like an unexpected day off school.


Dunno but show us again

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What was it in the end?

the thing we were supposed to be making? tacos al pastor, ‘street corn’ and churros.

Oh that sounds nice though. Did you still have to pay?

yeah it does, just a waste of money if I can’t find loads of stuff though.

i’ve offered to, but hoping they’ll let me off.