Friday thread - your official start to the weekend

Up early doors cos I somehow scratched my cornea last night and my eye keeps closing up and is mad watery so i’mma hopefully see a gp (@ghostpony - what time can you pick me up from the airport?)

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I was thinking for about 15 seconds “I didn’t know @ghostpony was a doctor!”

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Work Christmas shite - shite
Non-work Christmas shite - good

Might get this embroidered on a tea towel.


Oh dear mush. Not a good start to the day. I’m in bed with a wriggling, screaming baby. Very zzz. Today is my Wednesday as I’m in over the weekend.

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Day off so of course I’m awake :pensive:

Had a dream that made my brain feel like it was on fire. I’m probably just dehydrated, had some water and I’m ok now

That’ll happen when you dream about kasabian they’ll blow your skull off


Morning all anyway :slight_smile: got my work Christmas do at 2pm which is an awkward sort-of time to be eating. Not sure whether I’ll end up going out afterwards or whether I’ll just disappear off. Right now I’d like to crawl back into my lovely cosy bed and sleep until February.

tbf I’ve heard Club Foot more times this week than I would expect to in 2018.

Oof, I once had Iritis (which feels just like a scratched cornea), so I know how unpleasant that feels. Hope your GP can give you something to sort it out.


Morning all.

Today - work stuff.
Tonight - gin tasting hosted by Dame Kelly Holmes. I’m driving. Balls.

Ouch. Your poor eye. It’s making my eye stream thinking about it.

Clearly been watching too much Taskmaster as I had a sex dream about Rhod Gilbert (I actually really fancy him though so that’s cool).

On that note who’s Welsh on here (who still posts)? Best accent of all time.


Watching ~Brexit debate~ this morning put me in a bad mood, but I’m going to visit my fave doggo later :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and possibly a potential puppy for me!

Oh and it’s the unveiling of the Emmeline Pankhurst statue today so heading to that on my lunch.

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morning gang

my wife forgot to put the alarm on last night so I only just got up. given I had a work Christmas party and didn’t get home til 1 or so this is actually brilliant. wp mrs_t_england :+1:

also it’s my last day of work this year, which is good. Christmas jumper day at work, think I might go with my sonic one.

voice is totally fucked from last night though so hopefully no-one will try and talk to me all day long

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Oh someone tried to claim the Harry Potter films are Xmas films yesterday at work. Another irk.


What is it Dingaling?

I want to use the sleep


Couldn’t get an appointment until 11:20 so I guess I’ll just sit here and watch Frasier and drink coffee.

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Just walked past the wrapped up statue and cried a bit. 2018 before we got a statue of a woman.

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